Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 5, 2008

My bucket overfloweth …

First of all I don’t know that “overfloweth” is a real word, but I have heard it lots of times in reference to a cup so I am going to steal that idea and throw in bucket.  I use bucket because look …

These are some beans that I picked tonight.  Apparently they are ready to pick and since there is still quite a bit of city girl in me I went out to the garden less then prepared with a small ice cream bucket.  I managed to pick one long row … have I mentioned that my rows are 100 feet before?  Yeah well, they are still 100 feet long and I still think that is really long.   But I picked and picked until my bucket was too full and I will get the rest tomorrow.  

There are lots of beans this year and those plants popped right on up after the hail storm, which is really amazing to me.  I am glad that Loren was right about that one.   Here are some shots of the plants that I took last week. 


The flowers are so pretty I think.  

Here you can see my 100 foot rows.  In between the rows you can see the many weeds that were pulled and dried.  The ones on the right were done the evening before I took these pictures. 

Here are the bean plants a bit closer.  You can’t see the beans as they are safely protected underneath those big leaves.  I hope to get out with the camera again and see if I can get a shot of them before they are all picked. 

Thanks for joining me on a little trip down our bean lane.



  1. And it ‘runneth over’ too. Nice beans, beautiful garden with no weeds. I’m so glad that some of it survived the hail.

  2. Those green beans look so good, I love fresh beans with a little bacon and some new red potatoes. That is just a whole meal that I can make myself sick on.

  3. Wow that reminds me of the good old days. With 3 short rows of beans I’d get brown grocery bags full of them to can. That’s one crop that thrived in our clay soil! Ellie, I agree…bacon cooked in them and new potatoes…yum!

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