Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 17, 2008

The gift of re-seeding.

Last year you may recall that I had lots and lots of pictures of flowers to share with you.  Here is a refresher if you are new or you just plain old forgot about them. 

I planted these beautiful flowers from seed much later then I should have but I patiently waited for them to grow … and grow they did.  I know very little about flowers except for the fact that I appreciate their beauty and wonder at their intricacy. 

Well this year you may recall that I went ahead with the bedding plant way of things since patience wasn’t on the agenda.  My mom bought me lots and lots of them for my birthday in April and I got them planted and waited for them to grow. 

They did pretty well but they were mostly low bedding plants and I forgot that we don’t really mow around here and they were soon hiding behind long grass.  The plants I put into some pots did very well though.  Sadly however, this is the state of my little flower bed today.  There are two sides of the front step with the flower beds but I will only torture you with one shot.  Believe me when I say the side you don’t see is equally as disappointing.

Oddly enough I weeded more then once.  It’s been dry here though and we all know how much weeds love dry and hot weather.  By this time of year I am done taking the time to water them.  It isn’t something that I am proud of but there is no longer the thrill of making sure that they are properly growing.  Minnesota girls know that by August your days of summer are limited and I for one just can’t bear to haul water to the flowers anymore … call me lazy, but it becomes a much bigger chore and the flowers seem to be less of a attraction.   So in a lack of rain summer as this one the plants only last so long and sadly they slowly peter out. 

But this August I received a gift of sorts.  I noticed a couple of weeks ago a bunch of new “weeds” that looked vaguely familiar.  I realized as they grew bigger that they were my beautiful painted daisy’s from last year.  I didn’t know how well they would do but before long I had a pretty good patch there.  One of the perks of that no mowing thing that we do around here I guess.   Amid all the long grass here is a patch of the daisy’s in front of the horrible looking flower bed.

In the early weeks little tiny flowers would blossom and shrivel up right away.   I didn’t anticipate getting any that would be big enough to enjoy but this past week I noticed them.  There were only about 4 but just look at how pretty they were. 

Even with a little imperfection this one is still beautiful I think. 

Next year I am going back to my painted daisy’s.  Do you blame me?



  1. These photos are beautiful, I especially like the first two! I think they remind me of God’s handiwork… I take photos like these, but for some reason the resolution is never quite this sharp… very nice. The one with “a little imperfection” is the most beautiful.

  2. I love the painted daisies, too! Maybe next year I’ll just buy you 100 pkgs. of seeds for your birthday, and you can sprinkle them all over your yard, and they’ll come up with the grass and you can have a wonderful lawn. :)

    I think the imperfect daisy is just stuck on ‘he loves me’.

  3. The flowers that bloomed are very pretty! I, too, like the fuschia flower with the missing petal. Hey, if you like the painted daisies, run with it! Our cows tend to eat anything planted outside. They aren’t supposed to be able to get up to the house, but they always find a way. Last year, they ate all the garlic I planted. *Sigh*

  4. […] … you can thank me later.  You will recall that these particular flowers this year are a “gift” from last year so I didn’t do anything to deserve them … maybe that is why I appreciate […]

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