Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 19, 2008

“Hey poofergirl? What about the ducks?”

I forget that I share all this exciting news and then fail to update you!  So sorry about that.  Of course you may not have thought it was exciting news but you still get an update.

You will recall these little guys. 

You can update yourself on the story of the ducks here.

Close to 6 weeks later the ducks are still alive and well.  Well, 6 out of 8 are alive and well.  Here they are a few weeks ago. 

Loren let them out to get some fresh grass and sun.  The plan was good but it didn’t work out so well.  Because they were out I decided to venture out with the camera and capture the moment of sorts.  As I was trying to get the shot I realized that the Mama Cluck and the Baby Ducks were going in different directions most of the time and the ducks were always in the lead.  The Mama would voice something like “hey this way little ones” and the ducks would respond with something like “ummm … how about this way?”.  Generally when a Mama Cluck has little baby chicks they listen to the Mama, no questions asked.  It isn’t that the little ducks were being disobedient on purpose … we only raise respectful fowl around here folks, it was just that they didn’t understand their Mama shaped like a chicken.  They were both trying really hard but it was painfully obvious that nobody was in charge of the situation and they were speaking a different language.  I watched as the Mama ventured through long grass where the ducks had a hard time walking, lots of walking in circles, and finally they were much too far from where they should be and someone bigger and human had to step in and save them both from themselves.

So what was a new farmgirl to do?  Oh, by the way how long do you suppose I can claim “new” in that title?  Anyway, I did what any smart lady would do and went to find Farmer Neal.  I started calling Loren farmer Neal when it comes to farm stuff.  I don’t know why, but I just like the sound of it.  It is his middle name so it isn’t like I just picked Neal out of nowhere.  Anyway, Farmer Neal was way back in the garden and so I made my way to him.  Upon seeing him I said “Ummm … that Mama Duck Cluck you have is pretty dumb”.  He laughed and asked for details cause I was maybe just making it up for his laugh.  But no, he took me seriously and we trekked back to find them.  By this time they were even farther away but we found them.

Farmer Neal walked them back to the garage and put them in.  Two short days later the Mama Cluck abandoned ship and left the baby ducks to fend for themselves.  Sad really because they liked her, even if they couldn’t understand her.  I think that the Mama Cluck just couldn’t bear being ignored any longer and she went back with the big chickens.  We would have liked to thank her for her efforts, for coming in to save the baby ducks but it turns out that they all pretty much look alike.  Sorry Ms. Duck Cluck no gold metal for you.  But we thank you anyway, whichever one you are.

The ducks haven’t been out since and thankfully they are becoming a little less skittish as time goes by.   Poor ducks, they lost their security when their Mama left.  Before she left they were quite calm and content, now they are scared.  They only see Farmer Neal or I since they are separate from the chickens but they can hear them which might be a bit intimidating.  Good thing they don’t know that they are outnumbered about 1 duck to 20 chickens!  The plan is to build a fenced in area for them soon so that they can be outside safely and get some grass and sun once in awhile.

Who would have thought that saving ducks would be so exciting huh?   Anything else that I should be updating you on?  All this exciting farm stuff is a lot for one girl to keep track of.


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