Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 26, 2008

The Butter Dish Mystery

Meet my butter dish.  Pretty sure that you will sleep much better tonight now that you have met.  It is a very nice butter dish don’t you think?  A couple of years back my sister … you know the great one that I told you about yesterday?, well she decided to get all her Christmas gifts for family from local artists.  She is an artist herself and so it seemed fitting.  I received the above butter dish.  I like it lots.  However, I don’t use it much because I married the greatest man on earth with one little flaw … he has a problem with butter out on the counter.  Now this city girl was raised with soft butter and I gotta say that I really really miss it.  It’s one of those “it isn’t worth the fight” type of situation though and I just say cold butter is fine if it makes him feel better.  Oh and for the record we have never actually fought over the cold butter/warm butter issue that I know of.  I could still use my butter dish and just transfer it to and from the fridge but because it isn’t flat, I can’t really stack anything on it and my refrigerator is nothing if not filled to the rim and stacked and stacked.  It might have something to do with about 20 dozen or so eggs in there at all times. 

Today we had a little lunch with Loren’s parents to celebrate Loren’s birthday that is tomorrow.  In case you care, we had delicious tacos and corn on the cob with pound cake and strawberries for dessert.  Because we were having corn I thought that it would be good to use the butter dish.  When we have company over I generally try to not serve out of pots and pans, maybe put a table cloth down … though you will notice in the picture of the butter dish that I don’t iron them, I am not that good.  So with a semi-set table I thought that the butter dish would be a nice touch.  I grabbed it off the top of the fridge where it sits and dusted it a bit.  But then something cool happened … I opened it to find this?

Candy!  How fun huh?  Did you think it was going to be moldy butter.  That would have been pretty gross but candy is always good.  I have no idea where it came from.  I think that great sister might be behind it, but I have no idea.  Sadly I could have done it and forgot too.  Ha.  I didn’t use the butter dish for butter after all because I decided it worked pretty good as a secret candy dish.



  1. I love that butter dish, I don’t have one…and I’m with you–soft butter is the best. And yummm Tootsie Rolls!

  2. I don’t have a butter dish either. But I think I need a secret candy dish even more.

  3. I’ve never seen your butter dish, but I love it. I think you could easily compromise on the butter and keep some in the refrigerator for your hubby and some on the countertop for you. :) He would never have to eat soft butter and you would never have to spread it/tear up your bread with it, cold.

  4. What a treat! Happy birthday to Loren from all of us!

  5. Happy Birthday to Loren!

    I think I’m agreeing with your mom, Poofer. Trying to spread cold butter on bread is NOT FUN. On the other hand, I completely see Loren’s point, as butter CAN get yucky when left sitting on the counter.

    On the other hand again (do I sound like Tevye, from “Fiddler on the Roof”?), using it as a candy dish sounds like a good idea too!

    In any case, it’s a pretty dish. Have a great day! :)

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