Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 29, 2008

Drain Tile Update = Boring Post

I have had pictures of the completed drain tile project ready to post for over a month and I am forcing myself to finally just do it.  Silly really since I have not been overloading you with tons and tons of brilliant posts, but seriously … drain tile?  How can I make that fun and witty?  I have decided not to try.  It is what it is.  It is a long black plastic hose layed way deep in the earth along side the house.   The long hose has little slits in it so that the water can drain through it … hence, Drain Tile.  The drain tile is then covered with rock, then smaller rock called pea rock, then sand, then a sheet of plastic was laid from the house to prevent water flowing along side the foundation which would defeat the purpose of the drain tile.  Then some top soil on top.  That’s it folks … nothing fun, nothing exciting, and far from a witty story.  But, that is the way that life on the farm is sometimes … just plain old boring. 

I do have a series of photos highlighting the process.   There are a lot because at one time I must have thought that the process wasn’t quite so dull.  My lack of enthusiasm could have something to do with the fact that from start to finish this drain tile project took about 4 months I think.  I dare say that some of my “whoo hoo drain tile” enthusiasm has worn a wee bit thin. 

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen … I present … the process of drain tile … may you not fall asleep.

There you have it … did you get a little nap or was it not so bad?  I think that I forgot to mention that there were A LOT of pictures.  You may have noticed how we started out in the spring with no leaves on the trees and sweatshirts to full blown summer with sweaty boys working extremely hard.  I say that to prove that this project has lasted months.  Also, don’t let the bobcat fool you, the vast majority of that work filling in the trench to cover the drain tile was done by hand, with a shovel and the wheel barrow … many hands had blisters to prove it.  Even though I joke about the length of time on this project, I gotta say that I am extremely grateful to Loren for all his hard manual labor with this huge project.  It was big, a very big job and he did great.  Also, to all the extra hands that contributed  … Me (of course I helped!), Brother Daniel and sister-in-law Virginia, nephew’s Isaac, Nicholas, and Devan, and of course we can’t forget Veteran Haymaker. 

Someday when my basement dries out I am sure that I will be even more grateful.   It was worth the time and effort and had we not run out of water and had to dig a new well chances are good we would never have gotten to the project.  Thank goodness we were waterless for 2 months in the dead of winter … oh wait?, that is just way to far fetched … let’s just say “thanks for the drain tile” and be done.



  1. I didn’t think that was boring at all! Thanks for sharing another interesting story out of the pages of your lives.

  2. I wasn’t bored either. But I did think it may have been easier just to move the house. :)

    Just kidding, of course. Good thing summer is almost over so Loren can have a rest.

  3. I’m so relieved for you that it’s done! I hope that is the last big project you have to put up with for awhile. No water for 2 mo in the winter = misery.

    It’s not boring, life happens and we don’t mind coming along :)

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