Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 8, 2008

Winter Prep … take II

You may recall that last year when I was just a fresh new face in the blog world I shared in the early days about how we readied (is that a word?) the wood stove for the coming winter.  In finding the link to that old post, I recalled it was a pretty fun little story so feel free to head back there and take a look. 

This morning we had a repeat of that story line.  It is getting pretty chilly around here in the early part of our day and we were thinking that a nice warm fire would be perfect.  However, that whole “clean out the wood stove pipe” chore had to come first.  I wasn’t planning on revisiting this part of our life on the farm because really, how many pictures do you need to see of Loren and the wood stove pipe?  And of course things look pretty much the same as last year too, with the exception of a red sweatshirt instead of the lovely blue one from this year and much less facial hair … as in no facial hair.  I forget that my husband was once a clean shaven fellow.  One thing that remained the same from last year however, is that about this time last fall Loren needed a haircut just as badly as he does today! 

So why am I posting about something that I had clearly chosen not to?  Besided being allowed to change my mind, something struck me as funny and I thought that just maybe you would think so too. 

Here you will see Loren doing the final “putting back togetherness” … he was up and down on the chair a dozen times I would guess.  I didn’t take too many pictures because I thought that the ones from last year would be enough for all prosperity and I knew that my faithful blog readers had seen enough of this exciting farm project from last year.  So even though it isn’t the best shot you can at least see him working hard up in that little corner.  

As you all know Loren is the perfect husband … always willing to help this new farm girl with the house chores and this morning he was at it again.  Turns out that not only was he was doing a great job with the wood pipe, but apparently he decided to do a little fall cleaning for me.

Here is another shot that isn’t very good, but you can see his lovely new hairstyle.  Why does this make me laugh?  I have no idea?  I looked at it for quite some time before I finally got the camera.  I kept thinking “it really isn’t that funny, it’s just a cob web on his head”, and “who cares that you think it is funny because really, it isn’t that funny, it’s just a cob web on his head”.  Those thoughts didn’t win out and here I am posting the pictures and telling the story that probably only I think it funny.  One of the perks of having a blog though is that you can do whatever you want!  Ha. 

After he was all done with the pipe he cleaned out the last bit of old ashes from last winter and since that exciting “farm chore happening” hasn’t been documented on this blog I thought that I would bore you with it, I mean share it with you.  It also gives you a little better view of that fancy cob web stuck to that very long hair. 


I think that I will cross off “dust the corner of the ceiling by the wood stove” off my to do list today. Of course it wasn’t on my to do list but just for fun I think that I will add it just to cross it off.



  1. Do you think he would come and dust at OUR house? He’d have to use a ladder with our 10 foot ceilings, but I have plenty of cobwebs.

    I think it looks a little like a halo. :)

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