Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 9, 2008

A little fall harvesting.

Here are some pictures from the garden that I took tonight.  I picked what will likely be the last of the broccoli and thought that you might like a little update on how things are growing.  We are at the end of the season but with the late start because of the wet and cool spring as well as the hail storm there are still some things that need some more time.  Last night it got down to 35 degrees and there was lots of frost so we are hoping that the cool weather holds off a bit so that we can get some tomatoes and squash.  Time will tell though. 

Here is the corn.  It did really well.  We have picked some and it is ready to be canned … that may happen tomorrow I think.  The corn we have eaten has been delicious. 

Tomatoes live next to the corn and I am so glad that I spent all that time weeding those huge weeds.  Of course if the cold weather kills them all and we don’t get any then my efforts were wasted but I am holding out hope that there will at least be enough to can a few things.  We have picked a few dozen so far and Loren picked about 12 of them this morning so this shot was the closest to red that I could find tonight.


Here is a carrot, though I am sure that you could tell.  There are lots and lots of big carrots that have a little bit more time left in the ground, but we should have plenty.  The weeding sure paid off in the carrot row.

The peppers are fantastic!  I can’t believe how many there are.  I wonder how we will use them all but Loren keeps telling me “I LOVE peppers!” and I think “ok, but that is a lot of them” and he says “But I really LOVE peppers!”.  I better just take his word for it.  We are saving quite a few for seed as well. 

Here is a shot of an average plant.  My shots of the rows didn’t turn out.  You can see how it is loaded with perfect peppers. 

Next in row are the beans but I think that you have seen enough of the beans.  Plus, they are looking a little weathered since they are at the end of their season.  Believe me, you wouldn’t have thought it was a pretty picture. 

Broccoli is next.  For some reason all of my shots were blurry on the broccoli.  Sortof strange.  This shot is pretty good, though not as clear as I would like.  We were able to harvest quite a bit of the broccoli even with the lack of rain … my freezer isn’t holding any quarts of it but we have eaten plenty. 

Lots of cabbage too.  Watering was a life saver for these plants.  There are probably about 3 or 4 huge heads of cabbage out there waiting to be picked and we have cut off a few already.   We eat a lot of cabbage and it last a good long time in the fridge so that is good. 

A few squash are growing, though not too many.  The squash got the short end of the stick when it came to watering because the soaker hoses didn’t make it all the way to them.  They have a ways to go and so hopefully the frost holds off a bit longer.  There is some damage to the leaves from last nights frost, but it wasn’t terrible.

Last but not least … beats.  Well, ok they are least in my book but that is because a few years back I ate way too many beats and some that were not that tasty.  Wanna hear the story?  I hadn’t planned to tell it or even thought about until now but now seems as good a time as any. 

So the story goes that when Loren and I were dating he would bring me lots of fresh veggies from the garden which I always thought was very sweet.  He would visit mostly on Sundays and I always tried to consume what he brought by the next visit so that he knew that I appreciated it and I was also trying to make a good impression that I was a good veggie eater … which I wasn’t really.  It was a Friday night and I realized that all the beats he had brought were still sitting there and I had no desire to eat them, but wanting to make a good impression, and thinking that he would ask if I ate them (which he never did), I cooked them up and pureed them.  See I was so desperate to make that good impression that I thought that if I “drank them” it would go quick and he would be none the wiser that his girlfriend was not perfect.  Turns out that he had figured that out already.  So anway, let’s just say that the pureed beats didn’t go down so well and the thought of beats makes me a little queasy … to this day … almost 3 years later.  I found out later that the beats I had pureed were actually from the summer before, as he had brought them in the early spring.  See, I really was a dumb city girl.  So I pureed old beats that tasted like dirt.  It had to be one of the worse things I have ever tried to eat or rather drink.  It was bad, just bad.  Not my brightest moment.  I did tell him the story … later, like after we were engaged (ha) I think it was and he felt bad that I thought that I had to eat them all.  That is what happens when you try to be who your not … not that eating veggies was a bad lifestyle change or anything.  Ok so back to the picture of the beat.  That was quite the detour … sorry.    I cooked up a few beats for lunch and I even ate them, they were actually good … I have to admit … nothing at all like my puree. 

We pulled all the onions out weeks ago so I don’t have a picture of them since it was too dark by the time I got in to get a shot of them, but we have lots of them and that is great … especially if we get the tomatoes and I am able to can all my sauces. 

So there you have it … lots of veggies growing and ready to harvest.  ‘Tis the season.



  1. Simply gorgeous! I envy you your huge garden, Poofer (though not all the hard work that goes along with it!). Your beet story made me laugh! I haven’t tried beets since I was a little girl, and I recall not liking them AT ALL. But so many people love them. Maybe now that I’m a grown-up, I should give them another go.

    Our pepper plant (we have just one) did outstanding this year, too. I can’t believe how many peppers it produced (and is still producing). And just like yours, they are gorgeous!

    Have a great week!

  2. Ya, dat duss look very nice today after da vay it looked on da morning of da hail. Lots of bending over and pulling dem der darn veeds plus putting some H 2 Oh on da plants is vut made dat stuff grow like veeds. Es schmecht gut!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wish I had that garden produce! Looks great.

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