Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 17, 2008

A little baking … or not.

Corn Bread. 

I know it is pretty “corny” … (pun definitely intended cause that is funny!) but it seriously makes me laugh.  When Loren was in the fridge last night after work I said “Oh … did you see that I made corn bread?”.  He didn’t get it at first but I certainly still get a kick out of it, even if I had to say “cause I put the corn in a bread bag!?”.   Maybe it was cause he was tired, but doesn’t it seem obvious?

Last night I shucked all the corn and it is ready to be blanched and cut off the cob and frozen.  I was supposed to do that today.  I took a nap instead and played a few too many games of spider solitaire on this old computer.  Sigh.  Maybe tomorrow I will be in more of a “freezing corn” mood?, or maybe not.  The plus to all this is that I smile at my corn bread every time I open the fridge where it continues to reside.



  1. Corn Bread, hehe very clever!
    Oh and I’m addicted to Spider Solitaire too~!

  2. very punny! Hope the rest of the freezing process goes quickly today.

    Spider solitaire may have to be my next favorite game…..I’m getting tired of free cell.

  3. Maybe Loren didn’t “ear” you correctly at first. ;)
    Tom’s addicted to spider solitaire. I’m addicted to text twist on yahoo. You should try it sometime and get addicted to something new!

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