Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 22, 2008

Apples 2008

Last year I had lots and lots of beautiful shots of apples to share.  Remember? 

2007 was a great apple tree season with both of our 30 year old trees producing lots of apples. 

Well this year our story goes like this …

Lots of potential with lots of flowers on one tree … the other tree took the year off.

Then the darn hail

Fortunately we have some apples that look pretty good!

Unfortunately … most of them look like this …

But the fact that they are red at all and look as good as they do is because we did lots of this.

Good thing we got that new well huh?



  1. Beautiful pictures of the blossoms! And wow that tree looks full! Yay for your well!

  2. What happened to your apples is kind of like what happened to our red peppers: they look great until you turn them over and spy the black spots. Thank goodness for paring knives.

    Still, your photos are gorgeous. And I’m envious of your pies and tarts/turnovers—been thinking about making something like that myself. Only, I’ll have to use store-bought apples.

    Have a great weekend, Poofer!

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