Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 29, 2008

The mystery of the missing juice … solved.

Last Sunday was our first Sunday School morning for the new school year.  I am doing a bit more volunteering with the youth programs this year and it turned out to be a busy morning trying to get everyone situated.  We have a very small parish … that tends to happen in a very small town, but there were still lots a little things to do.  Because it was the first Sunday a volunteer brought in some muffins and juice.  I managed to lose my juice that morning.  I am pretty talented as you know, but how difficult must it have been to lose a cup of juice in a church basement?  I didn’t think too much about it until the following Wednesday. 

Last Wednesday was our first junior and senior high class night and again I was there volunteering my time to get things off to a good start … or at least a start.  I was making a poster for the night which the kids were going to sign and I needed a pencil.  I went to the somewhat disorganized (on the to-do list) cupboard and found a handful of pencils of pencils in a cup and grabbed one.  It was wet and I thought “gross!” and wiped it off and shut the door and walked away.  In mid step a few feet away I stopped and thought “ok that was odd … I should probably find out WHY exactly this pencil was wet” and sure enough … I found my juice!  At least it was put to good work as a handy holder for some random pencils.  I brought the camera to take some shots of the night … unfortunately I forgot all about taking pictures of the kids … but I have proof of the missing, yet found cup of juice. 

I have moments like this all day long, but rarely I have proof with a picture to go with the story … just thought that you would get a kick out of “just an everyday goofy moment in the life of Poofergirl”.



  1. The more I think about this, the more it makes me laugh! The real question is, who was the nut who thought it was a good idea to stick a bunch of pencils into a cup that had juice in it?! Funny!

  2. I have to confess I entertained thoughts that YOU may have put the pencils in the cup.

    Not that I think you’re absent-minded at all.

    You’re usually so organized. :)

    Maybe because you said you have moments like this all day long.

  3. Huh … so now that you mention it I could have been the one to put them in there. Ha. Oh that makes me laugh … I just figured it wasn’t me, but there is a good chance since I had the same number of kids in class as pencils in the cup that Sunday … Hmmm … You know it was probably a kid that I had put them away … maybe? I am going to go with that, even though I have absolutely no idea. Yeah, let’s say it was a little one that didn’t know better and the cup would have been above his head and not this old lady who should have looked first. :)

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