Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 30, 2008

Tis the season … the harvesting and canning season that is.

I have been working some long hours around this place lately. I always “sorta” work on the average day, but nothing like I do when we are preserving the goodies from the garden.  Tonight I am quiting and it is only 11pm but last night it was almost 3am and I decided tonight just can’t go that late.  Since I know that you are so very interested in the ins and outs of our little life on the farm here I thought I would share a few canning and preserving pictures.  I am pretty nice huh?  :)  

Tomatoes are doing pretty well. 

We are still being blessed with no frost and it is giving our late tomato plants a chance to produce.  Loren has picked twice now for canning with about 250 tomatoes.  It takes lots of tomatoes to can our spaghetti sauces and pizza sauces.  Out of those 250 tomatoes I have 15 quarts of spaghetti sauce and 8 pints of pizza sauce.  Which seems like a small number compared to the hours spent working on them.  However, it is worth the work. 

The past two days I also worked on the last of the broccoli. 

We have picked quite a bit and eaten it up without freezing any large amounts.  This last batch was quite a bit and so I prepped it last night and froze it tonight.  I froze 6 quarts total on the broccoli.

Nothing too spectacular on the amounts of preserving but it is a start and anything amount is a blessing.  I have lots of apples waiting for me to make applesauce … that should be done soon … right after a good nap.



  1. What pretty produce pictures! Perfect!
    I always had problems with worms in my broccoli. Don’t you get them there?

  2. Oh worms? Why yes … there were tons of them this late and I was just sparing you the gruesome details. Plus, I am trying to forget them … they sorta creep me out a bit.

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