Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 7, 2008

Sugar is Sugar

Tonight I was searching for more canning rings so that I could do another batch of applesauce.  I will be sharing a bit about that as soon as I get the photo’s re-sized.  I don’t know if you are tired of canning stories or not but this time of year it is about all I have for you.  Once I get out of that kitchen and away from the canner I might be inspired to write something non-fruit and veggie related.  So anyway, back to my search for canning rings.  I realized that my pantry was pretty full of rings … I store as much in glass as I can and the quart jars work great for coconut, cocoa, and etc. I needed the rings so I am “borrowing” them for the night.  Amid my search I found some jelly beans.  Yum.  There weren’t a lot … but enough. This pregnant lady was pretty excited to find sugar in this house.  I almost cracked open a bag of chocolate chips right before I found these. 


You might be thinking … “ummm … so jelly beans huh?, you do realize that Easter was months ago right?”.  And to that I say “yep I know … but sugar is sugar and you know what?, they taste pretty yummy … especially since they aren’t from this past Easter but the Easter before!”.  Isn’t that something?, jelly beans from 2007 still exist existed in my house for over a year and half!  You, like me, might think that is pretty amazing … however, you should know that they were hiding behind the chocolate chips.



  1. I have opened a bag of chocolate chips on occasion, when there is NO chocolate in the house! I’m with you.

  2. I used to eat chocolate chips at my aunt’s house when I was babysitting. I’ve often wondered if she went to make cookies and realized how many were missing. :)

    I have also been known to eat brown sugar packed down on a spoon in my younger days.
    That’s kind of embarrassing, actually!

  3. When the kids were napping (and this is bad, I know!) I’d mix up and melt a few choc. chips, some peanut butter and a few marshmallows, throw in some rice krispies and have a chocolate treat. I’d feel guiltier, but I baked constantly so they didn’t get shorted on goodies. I just sometimes needed a little sweet pick-me-up.

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