Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 10, 2008

A workin’ farm wife

So I got a job.  Odd I know … my lazy farm wife days are over.  Ha.  I know that I do my fair share around these parts, though some days are more then others, generally I work quite a bit.  However, since we were married in Dec. of ’06 I have been technically “unemployed”.  It was a nice break.  I worked with youth for many years in the church and well, like I said … it was a nice break.  But a couple weeks ago I was made aware of a part-time secretary position that was open at our parish, and well … obviously since I already told you that I got a job, I got the job. 

You might be thinking “Hey Poofergirl?, doesn’t it seem odd that you took a job when you are pregnant and didn’t when you weren’t?”.  And well, I gotta admit that it does seem a little silly.  However, when you live in a tiny little town like me where available employment is quite lacking … you take it when it comes up.  And really, it is quite perfect.  Just 9am-12pm Monday through Friday.  Pretty nice little deal and Loren sleeps through about half of that time and so I don’t miss too much time with him.  The only problem is that I am used to sleeping about half that time as well.  We generally go to bed about 3am.  Loren is home shortly after 1:30am but then snacks are had, and chores done so 3am comes pretty quick.  Such is the life of second shift. 

I must admit that I am still adjusting to my new schedule.  Turns out that I am not very good at going to bed early … like a child really, but nobody is here to make me stay in bed.   I will eventually be too tired to stay up too late … of course not napping in the afternoon might help that.  

All in all though I think that the new job will work out nice, and it is good to be out and about doing something productive in the mornings.  My sister and I were just talking tonight about how procrastinators need to be busy … oddly enough we accomplish more that way … procrastinators are pretty special don’t you think? 

I took a few pictures of my new home away from home.  I am hoping to make a few changes so I took them as my “before” shots.  I am somewhat limited as to what I can change but when I sit at the desk everything seems backwards to me, and that just won’t do.  There are also lots of “piles” laying around and though I have grown accustomed to them in my house after marrying a “pile-er” that also just won’t do at the office. 

Pretty simple little place but I like it … when I make some changes I will post some new pictures.  For now I better get to bed … it is way past my bedtime!



  1. Good luck with your new job!

  2. I’m anxious to see how the office looks after you work your magic. You are so good at arranging spaces and making them efficient and warm at the same time.

    I’m happy for you, and sure you will eventually get used to an earlier bedtime and rising. Or a longer evening nap! :)

  3. That’s great! I am sure you will quickly become indispensable, like most church secretaries. What a great job. Enjoy your time out of the house.

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