Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 27, 2008

What’s in your livingroom?

This morning I noticed two large ladders and a long piece of wood in the livingroom and crawling back into bed after deciding a shower wasn’t as necessary as another half an hour in a warm bed, I asked Loren “so what are the ladders for?” and he said “drying the peppers”.  And I said “huh?, they seem sorta big.”  No responce for a bit until he asked me “Hey, how do you spell Jam?, is it with 2 J’s?” and I was like “ummm … Jam?”, and he said “yeah like preservatives, or I mean preserves” and I said “just one J … J-A-M.”  It was obvious that he was still pretty sleepy so I wasn’t entirely sure that the big ladders were for the peppers, but the conversation made me laugh.  In the light of day Loren believes he meant to ask if there were 2 M’s, but he really did ask about J’s. 

So anyway, aside from the conversation about spelling and preservatives, or rather preserves, this afternoon when I came home form work I saw this …

Added bonus with this shot … you get to see all my chaos that I live with!  Don’t get me started.  Sigh.

Yep, he was right … those ladders were for the peppers.  Why they have to be so big I don’t quite know, but it should do the trick in drying them right near the woodstove.  We decided to dry the last couple of boxes because I am completely out of freezer space.  What are we going to do with all the dried peppers?  Not too sure, but at least they will be done.  This is half of what we have left to preserve and unfortuantely my house has a less then desirable pepper smell and it looks like it will be lingering for a few more days.  Too bad we weren’t making Jam … the kind spelled with just one J … becaue that would smell much better and I certainly wouldn’t need the ladders.



  1. My Mom used to can her peppers in vinegar just like pickles. They were so good in the winter with a big pot of navy beans and fried potatoes.

  2. Ha ha! The ladders are nice and tall so that the drying peppers will be, at least sort of, out of the WAY. You sure have a lot of peppers! I was proud of the 10 or so we got off our single plant this year. I can’t imagine having so many. Pepper jam….hm, sounds interesting. Oh, and we have that exact same fan in our bedroom!

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