Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 29, 2008

Something non-pepper related.

This is just a little something that I thought you might like to see.  I was given a task of making a small quilt square for a friend who recently had a baby.  It was a 6×6 inch quilted white square with the instructions to create something on it and they would sewn a bunch that everyone made together into a quilt for the new baby.  I have had this square for months.  But, if you give me a project and include “return prior to Nov. 15th” well then of course I won’t be jumping right on it.  Amazingly enough I finished it tonight … early, by just over 2 weeks.  How great am I?  It helps that the air is finishing all those peppers for me and I have a little more free time tonight. 

I had a heck of a time trying to decide what to do with this blank quilt square.  The fact that it was quilted sortof through me off a bit too … I would have embroidered on it if it were not quilted.  So long story short (kindof) I did a simple one, but I think it is cute.  I chose not to do anything pink because well, it seems to me that baby girls are bombarded with pink.  Unfortunately every other square will probably be pink and mine will stick out like a sore thumb.  Oh well … I don’t have to live with the quilt so I won’t worry about it too much and I am sure that it will be very cute when it is all put together.  It is also a bit uncentered … but I don’t know that it is really too noticeable … you know, until I point it out like I just did.  Silly. 

So here it is …

Cute right?  Oh, I should include that the baby’s name is Maija (Mia) and that would explain the M.   I was hoping to add a little flower or something but I can’t figure out how, and then I thought about adding a few buttons in the corner but they just don’t look right and so I am leaving it “as is” unless inspiration strikes.  I thought that by adding a little something to the right it would make it look more even, but I don’t have a ton of room since they need a 1/4 inch around.  Ideas from any of my crafty readers?  Or should I leave it simple and be done?



  1. Since you’re so good at embroidering maybe you could do a little vine and flower motif on one side or radiating two directions from a corner? Just a thought…

  2. By the way, it was a great idea to put the M on there!

  3. You could embroider similar flowers in pink, to tie in with the assumed-to-be pinks on the other quilt blocks, and cut the square so it’s not so curvy. :)

    I love the idea, too!! We’ll have to file that for future reference/baby showers.

    I think they should put your square in the center of the quilt since it’s so unique.

  4. Poofer, I was going to say just leave it simple and be done (‘cuz that’s what I would do, me being lazy about crafts and all), but your mom and aunt had some good ideas you could try. It’s super cute, and I bet if everyone else’s DOES turn out to be pink, yours will probably end up in the middle because it’s so unique and has the baby’s initial.

    Just wanted to tell you thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I was feeling rather down, as I’m sure you figured out. But I’ve decided to continue with my blog. There’s a virtual bouquet of flowers waiting for you, should you visit me again anytime soon! :)

    Lots of love to you.

  5. I think it’s very nice just the way it is, and I too think the M is a great idea. I envy anyone that can sew.

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