Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 31, 2008

Hi Grandma Mary!

The baby insited that we show it’s first picture to everyone, but especially to Grandma Mary who he/she thinks will be the most excited.  The picture isn’t great … but it is the only one we have and it will just have to do.  The tech sortof forgot about taking pictures because he was so concerned about being quick since my bladder was fuller then full.  He was very kind.  The bladder issue is part of the reason for the unclear picture … the poor baby had less room to jump and kick … which he/she did lots.  We are growing an active baby it seems. 

So the picture, though it isn’t perfect shows you a bit of the profile (on the right) and a bit of the body, possibly the shoulder on the left.  He/she appears to be just fine and every measurement was right on and so this mom-to-be has much less to worry about … since I am a huge worrier, that is a nice thought right now.  So nice that I think that I will take a nice long nap.



  1. Amazing! What a thrill and a blessing to find this surprise this afternoon. :) Thank God for beautiful little ones happily growing in the womb. Your baby has your cheeks, my daughter. I could see that right away, even though he or she was swimming by. Slowing down will become a necessity before too long though. I am grateful and I am truly blessed.

  2. How exciting, I am so happy for you all. When is this little one due?

  3. Awesome!!

    We are so happy for you guys.

  4. So cute! Again, I am so happy for you, Poofer. So glad your little one is thriving and growing just like he (she?) should. :)

  5. A Miracle in Progress

    Just a glimpse and a promise
    frozen in time;
    your charms are still hidden,
    yet God’s hands entwine.
    He’s making you perfect
    as only He can
    the details can wait,
    for we trust in His plan.

    Just a hint and a promise
    of who you may be;
    like a tease you play games
    when we so want to see!
    A second in time, yet you’ve stolen this heart,
    I have to keep looking, such joy it imparts!

    Just a peek and a promise
    and yet that’s enough;
    before very long I will see you
    and touch.
    I’ll give you wee kisses on those
    chubby cheeks.
    I love you already, and love always keeps!

    from Grandma Mary

  6. Thanks for the poem Mom! That was very nice. :)

  7. YAY So happy all is well with your little one

  8. ohh! i am so happy for you guys!! i can’t wait to meet the little one :)

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