Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 20, 2008

Cards … lots of cards.

This past April I scheduled a card making day with a couple of new friends.  So … this past weekend we got together to make cards.  Only a few, or more like 7 months late but oh well!  I don’t quite remember all my excuses for not doing it in April but needless to say, the fact that April became November faster then I could bat an eye shouldn’t come as too big of a shock.  I really needed cards, and since I have oodles of money invested in stamps, inks, and everything else you “need” to make a card I refuse to purchase one.  The card making day just had to happen.  Sadly, most of my gifts that I do get around to giving are card-less and most of my relatives and friends that I don’t see much do not receive a birthday greeting, or a thank you, or anything really. 

Fortunately I made some headway last weekend.  I am not certain that the following pictures will interest anyone, but it is what I have to share.  You wanted me to post something, so here it is … the good the bad and the ugly.  Ha.  Ok, that might be a stretch.  I wouldn’t show you a card that is ugly … well, though you could think it was ugly and I don’t.  Ooooh, that could be bad huh?,  so just to play it safe, how about if you think it is ugly you just keep that info to yourself.  Remember that I am a fragile & emotional pregnant lady.  A bunch of “I hate your cards” comments might push me over the edge. 

I won’t bore you with all the cards I did … don’t be too shocked but I made 48 in one day!  Yep, how cool am I?  Of course 14 of them were the most basic Thank You card you ever did see, but hey … 14 is 14!  I try to make at least 2-4 of each design, but a few were bunches of 6.  Here are a few of my favorites that I have shots of, since lots of them were pretty blurry.  The goal was “simple is best” and “less is more” … so not a ton of detail, but simple ones that I gotta say I really like.  I wouldn’t make them if I didn’t like them, let alone show you. 








I don’t have a picture of a couple of my all-time favorites because they were made after the “photo shoot”.  The story goes that we forgot we were working on laundry.  Remember how my washer is still in the basement?  As a result of my sciatica issue I am not supposed to haul heavy laundry up and down the stairs.  Also, since the washer was supposed to make it’s big debut in the actual laundry room “last” January!, Loren has been helping out.  Originally we thought he would do all the laundry since the goal was missed but that just seemed mean and I understand that sometimes projects take longer then planned.  How nice and understanding is this farm wife huh?  You may also remember that we are extra cool because even though our washer is down in the basement our dryer is up in the laundry room.  Don’t be too jealous of our fancy farm life.  So Loren runs it down and brings it up so I can dry it and fold them, and put them away. Anyway, it was around midnight when we realized that a load was in the washer … since about 10am!  Oops.  Loren brought it up and went to do chores, and I put some in the dryer.  I was heading to bed, but decided that since the load was big and had to be dried in two batches I would stay up and wait to get the first half folded and leave the last half in the dryer overnight.  Plus, the mess of the card making needed to be cleaned up.  Do you think so?



It was bad ladies and gentlemen, really bad.  Creativity is never neat and tidy.  This picture was taken after my friend Lindsey cleaned up most of it before she left.  So I picked up what you see in these pictures and had everything done but a small pile of odds and ends to be tossed in the garbage.  You can see the pile on the right side of the table towards the end.  I didn’t do it right away because there were a few larger pieces that I thought I might be able to use later, but didn’t want to put away.  Procrastinator remember … the fact that the rest of the mess got packed up was a great accomplishment. 

In that last pile there were things like pieces with a stamp that wasn’t “quite right”, or a smudged letter on a word, and just small little bits of paper that we didn’t need and would likely not bother with because they were so small.  But, I started to look at them as I listened to the  tumbling of the dryer and suddenly sparks of creativity flew.  Alright, there were no real sparks but I sat down and out of my pile of “these just need to be thrown away” scraps I came up with 7 more cards.  7!  I was so impressed with myself I couldn’t hardly sleep when I was finally able to.  Loren came in and said “And you are doing what at 1am?”.  I said “well, I am waiting for the dryer … and being super cool and using up all these scraps to make more cards!”.  I gotta say that I was a little more proud of myself then he was but that was ok.  Oh, and I did them all without using any more stamps.  All I used was a scissors and the tape, and a few markers.  If you have made cards before you should really be impressed with that.  No ink, no stamps, no cleaners, no nothing.  Just the paper and the scraps, a few markers and a little tape.  Sigh … I still think I am cool just recalling it.  You will have to trust me on that since I am photo-less.  Mom got one of these fabulous cards this week so she might vouch for me.  I fully intended on not liking them in the light of day but I still did.  Oh, I must admit that one of my birthday cards is a little goofy as far as color matching goes, but I have a few relatives with bad eyes and so it won’t be wasted. 

I think that I will have to have more of these card days.  I had two friends over to chat with, got the house cleaned, made & enjoyed some fun snacks, and came out of a fun day with 48 cards … pretty productive if you ask me.



  1. Homemade cards are so nice to receive. I’d say you had a very successful day!

  2. Hurray! The writer’s block is unblocked!

    I can attest to the cuteness of the card I received yesterday…..I would never had known it was originally a reject. I wish I could show you guys but you’ll just have to take my word for it. It is a lovely green with a brown strip of paper and a cute little arrangement of flowers in a half circle with the words ‘seeds of friendship bring flowers of joy.’ underneath the curve, on pink paper with the flowers colored in with purple and green. Can’t you just see it? She attached it to a slightly larger white sheet with 4 green tacks. The more I write the less it makes sense so I’ll stop.

    When I get things like this from Steph I have to put them in her scrapbook (I have one for each of our kids and their children for special things). Even though I am quick to toss things I don’t need I do have a sentimental streak as well. When I’m gone they can all throw away all the birthday cards, etc I have received over the years that I have kept! I may have thrown away their homework, but I did keep a few items.

    I think when I threw away their homework 15 minutes after they left it on the kitchen table to finish later, I deserved some ribbing!

  3. Very nice cards, Steph. Much more professional looking than the construction paper/marker cards I’ve made. I had fun with them, though. :)

    I’m definitely not a saver, but I do keep cards for some reason.

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