Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 3, 2008

Proof that I am busy …

Ok I know … I know that it has been forever again since I posted but I actually have a pretty good excuse this time!  It is so much easier to post after a week when I have a good reason.  :) 

My great excuse?  Loren is back to working mornings for the winter. 

You may recall that this happened last year as well, yes, the time of year is again upon us when we are suddenly shoved into early mornings instead of late nights with just a weekend in between to try to adjust.  Needless to say it is a slow adjustment.  This year is better for me though since I have been up and out of the house by 9am everyday for the last couple of months, rather then sleeping in.  Even though I have been up earlier it doesn’t mean that I have been to bed earlier … not sure why?, but I still stay up lots of nights until Loren gets home at 1:30am.  Some habits are hard to break.  

Our late nights are a thing of the past though, at least until late January when a short layoff happens, and then a baby (God willing) and then we will be blessed with both early mornings and late nights.  :)   This was morning 3 of our new schedule which starts with an alarm clock screaming at 4:15am.  This is early ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t care how you look at it, 4:15am is really really early. 

In addition to switching to mornings, this year we are down to one vehicle.  We have only had one vehicle for most of the summer and fall and we have handled working that out with little inconvenience.  The truck needs a new clutch and to have it repaired will cost more then the vehichle is worth and this farm wife said “no” to paying someone else to fix it.  The plan is that Loren will replace the clutch this winter (likely during the layoff) and it will cost very little with his labor instead of an actual mechanic.   Plus, he is pretty good with car repairs .. what he can’t do I haven’t yet discovered … maybe changing diapers? … only time will tell I guess … anyway, since he can fix the truck with the right amount of time that is the plan.   Even though working around one vehicle has worked well … this Loren working at 6am and I at 9am in different cities, has posed to be a bit of an issue.  Nothing we can’t handle though.  I just ride with Loren in the morning, take the car home, go to work, and go pick him up.  Not a huge deal, and honestly the past three mornings have gone pretty well.  It also gives us another hour to chat throughout the day with the drive to and from which can only be a good thing.  

So today I had just way to much to accomplish before and after work so I did not take a nap when I got home at 6am.  Oh it was tempting … but this is what I accomplished so far today since 4:30am. 

Showered. (don’t laugh … there are days this doesn’t happen and I don’t even have a baby on the outside yet, so it is an accomplishment)

Dishes. (from last night that didn’t get done because I had a meeting that lasted way too long)

Drove Loren to work.  (about 45-50 minutes round trip)

Made breakfast. (some fabulous french toast)

Swept floors. (least favorite job)

Started Laundry. (3.5 loads done so far today)

Cleaned the bathroom.  (another least favorite job)

Made lunch for my father-in-law. (sounds simple but it was tacos … so I made homemade tortillas (yep really, they are from scratch … flour, salt, lard, baking powder … simple but time consuming), shredded cheese, chopped some lettuce, and made taco meat … we didn’t have a tomato so he was offered stewed tomatoes which meant another trip to the basement for those)

Made chocolate chip bars. (yum! … they were made with dark chocolate chips which I love)

Cleaned off table half way.  (Leo needed a semi-clean spot to eat I figured)

Went to work at 9am.

Came home from work at 2pm.

Worked on more laundry.

Did lunch dishes.

Changed sheets on the bed. (I had hoped to do this earlier but ran out of time)

Now I am off to pick up my love.

Seriously, that is a lot of stuff from 4:30am – 2:30pm?, Especially with that 5 hours of work in between?


Cause this pregnant mama is beat!



  1. I HEAR YOU!!!. Being pregnant and growing a baby is hard enough. And what’s harder is that there is absolutely no break or half time or anything like that to get a rest from it. And then top it off with normal everyday activities, toss in a part time job, don’t forget to take care of everyone else first, and keep the sanity with 2 other kids biting at the ankles….yup….pregnancy and life are hard and exhausting. But SO WORTH IT!!!!

  2. Funny that THIS is the day you somehow found time to write this post! You had an amazingly productive day…I remember those days, too. They still happen occasionally. I always feel so good at the end of those days I feel I’ve lived to the fullest.

    But I also like afternoon naps. :)

    I hope you take a break today though. The mom in me doesn’t want you to get TOO worn out!

  3. i’m impressed, i dont work anymore, and i definitely haven’t gotten that much accomplished in one day yet, i’m still in the learning process. i’ve only been a house wife for about three weeks now ;) i would for sure be awfully proud if i had done that much in a whole day and you did it in five hours!

  4. I was already tired, but after reading this, I’m EXHAUSTED! But aren’t those kind of days the best? You can go to bed feeling like you really accomplished a lot. I’m always proud of myself on days like that, and you should be too! (Oh, and especially getting a blog post up on such a day. That is a huge feat in and of itself!)

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