Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 5, 2008

My husband makes me smile …

This morning while I was at work I realilzed that I hadn’t taken out the butter from the freezer needed for my baking extravaganza (see previous post) that afternoon so I called home and asked Loren to take me out 4 pounds of butter.  He was not working today so that worked out well. 

I had sortof forgotten about it until I got home and found this …


I had to smile.  I thought “oh I gotta get a picture of that, and post it on the blog cause that is just plain old cute” and  so I got the picture taken to post this afternoon.

A short while later Loren came in and I said “oh thanks for getting out the butter, it made me smile”.  He said “it made you smile?, I figured that you would take a picture and post it on the blog”.  Ha.  I said “oh I did!, and now that you said that it makes the little story all the better!”. 

So there it is, my husband’s personality in a picture of thawing butter.  He also added “well, it thaws out so much faster when you spread them out like that”.  True, it does … and really, it just makes me smile.



  1. too funny! Your hubby is funny!

  2. I thought the empty boxes to be comical, like little garages they drove out of….he is a pretty humorous guy.

    People could think you were making butter cookies.

  3. I loved this post!

  4. I’ll be at the cookie exchange in spirit… :)

  5. You two are just so cute!!!!!!!
    And entertaining!

  6. Oh, goodness, Poofer! That is TOO FUNNY! Really cute. Kind of….endearing. What a sweet guy your Loren is. :)

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