Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 9, 2008

Just Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

~ We received our first Christmas card yesterday which sortof shocked me into “holy buckets!, it’s going to be Christmas!”.   So getting this card made me think …  should I be thinking about getting mine out?, or should I say … should I think about thinking about getting them out?

~The bonus however, on the Christmas card is that it was addressed with a computer printed label and well, I just have issues with that and so in my world it isn’t technically my first Christmas card until I recieve one where our address is handwritten … and preferably in red or green ink, though the color of ink isn’t a deciding factor, just a bonus.  So until I get that one (which is likely sitting in the mailbox as I type) it won’t be time to worry about Christmas.

~ If I run into one more thing with my expanding belly I might cry. Ok, I won’t cry but seriously, you would think that I would remember it will be sticking out and not to stand too close to the kitchen stove or get to close to the wall as I walk by. Needless to say I have been picking stuff off the floor from the side of the fridge all week. It could just mean that I store too much on my fridge though.

~I exchanged 10 dozen cookies on Saturday … I think that we are down to 7 dozen and it is only Tuesday. Think that might have something to do with the expanding belly as well as the growing baby?

~My plan this week is to get Christmas put up so hopefully I can post some pictures.

~I have a few (5) friends coming on Saturday to make Christmas Wreaths which is why I am hoping to make the place a bit more festive with Christmas.  I am also planning to feed them lunch … suppose that I should have a plan for food that involves more then “cookie exchange cookies”? 

~I am currently making Chicken Wild Rice Soup … yum. I need to strain my broth and get all the veggies and rice and chicken in so it will be done for dinner … hmmm, I suppose that should be done by now.

~I picked up 44 butchered chickens on Saturday afternoon and it has been so freezing outside that they are still sitting in the coolers in the snow. The goal is to move a freezer in tonight … seems to me that three big freezers (plus the little one above the fridge) is a lot for one house and two people.

~The cattle are sick. Most people have sick kids this time of year but we have sick ones on the hoof. One mama is sick, one baby, and one of the teens … which is half the crew out there.

~I have planning on getting updated pictured of the cattle taken and posted because you won’t believe how big they are getting.  Maybe someday I will do that … hopefully before a couple are in coolers in the snow.  Just kidding … they are way too big for the coolers. 

~As I glance around my house I realize that my to-do list is about as long as an average size Christmas stocking.

~This baby is kicking lots today … he/she must really like those three pieces of fudge that I had for lunch this afternoon.

~I think that is way more then enough random thougths for now … though I could go on and on and on, I will spare you the time.



  1. Funny post today! You’re not the only one eating cookies and candies… is NO deterrant to put mine in the freezer. They are wonderful frozen:)

    This is the beginning of many belly bumpings…you won’t be getting any smaller. Can you still see your feet??

  2. Oh, be careful! Since I have never been pregnant, I have never bumped my belly on anything, but it sounds painful! I can’t wait to see pictures once you put up your Christmas decorations.

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