Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 10, 2008


Well, it’s officially Christmas around here.  Not only did I receive a “real” Christmas card today (that was written in red! ink), I also put up the tree last night.  It was pretty fun actually … that is because I did it by myself.  Ha.  Loren isn’t a huge fan of dealing with Christmas decorations.  I learned that last year as he grumbled (believe it or not he actually does and will grumble) through putting up the tree.  I had to remind him more then once that it was our first tree together and he should really be having more fun so this year I decided that it would be a better idea to forgo the “Christmas decorating bonding”, which I have a feeling only exists in the movies and I worked alone.  He did help a little though … he brought everything down and found me extention cords, all the little things that were just enough to have him be a part of it, yet not be too irritated.  When most of it was all done he said, “thanks for making Christmas” and I said “no problem, thanks for your help” inwhich he looked at  me funny because he knew he didn’t help and I said “well, you did bring the tubs and boxes down and helped with the extension cords right?”.  He said “right” and then I added “but for the record, in years to come when there are little ones around here you might have to kick up the enthusiasm a notch or two, even if you have to fake it.” … after a chuckle he agreed.  


So anyway, the tree is up and I even put the village pieces up.  Out of my 8 buildings, I have 3 churches.  I think that we might be a little “church heavy” in our little village but that is ok.  I couldn’t get a very good picture of it so there is just half and the two out of the 6 without lights happen to be in that shot.  I may try again later.  I have a few more little areas to photograph if the time and desire presents itself in the future. 

I thought that I would share a few ornaments … a few of my favorites and a few that actually turned out clear. 


These were a wedding gift from my aunt Diane.  They make me smile.


I made these and I am going to make more this year if I can find the ribbon.  You are supposed to used stripped ribbon so that they look more like ribbon candy but the solids work as well, just not as cool.  I really love these, and the glass beads shimmer in the lights. 


This was another wedding one … one that we received at the wedding which was “after” Christmas.  I always thought it was odd that it was a first Christmas one and technically we weren’t married at Christmas so technically it wasn’t our first Christmas.  So then Mom got us this one last year since it really was actually our “first” Christmas together. 


After 2 years of thinking how funny it was that we had a “first” Christmas together ornament when we shouldn’t, I realized this morning that it doesn’t say “first”, just “our Christmas together”.  How dumb.  I wasn’t special after all.  I thought that we could use them to confuse the children in the future and have a fun story … now it is just two ornaments.  Oh well! 


And this is my favorite ornament.  I don’t know why really, but I just love him.  He is almost always one of the first on the tree and the last one I take down.  There is just someting about him that I love.  I actually purchased him to add to the front of a Christmas gift a few years back but I couldn’t part with him.  He is my favorite and I think he just might always be. 

So there you go, a little Christmas from the farm house.  I have some decorations in the kitchen as well so once that is done I might do a few more pictures. 

Enjoy your decorating!



  1. The tree looks great! Yes, Christmas decorating bonding only exists in the movies. My husband puts together our artificial tree, and that is about the extent of things. I LOVE that your village is “church heavy”! I was laughing so hard when I read that! You will have to explain how you make the ribbon ornaments. I think I get it just by looking at the ornament, but I want to be sure. They look really neat, I would love to make some in July when I am not so busy!:)

  2. I wrote once before, but obviously didn’t push “submit Comment”–I am not to computer savvy. I am glad you like the bride and groom ornaments, even though I don’t remember giving them to you….but then I don’t remember yesterday, so that’s not a big surprise. But…doesn’t that star ornament say “Our FIRST Christmas together”…or am I losing my mind?

  3. Oh, now I reread it-I “get” it–the FIRST one is the one you got that didn’t say “Our first Christmas together”…duh….I am sick today and only on this computer until someone comes to take over Ruthie so I can go to bed. Obviously my brain isn’t working any better than usual. Sorry.
    PS I lost my mind long ago.

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