Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 12, 2008

A few cracks in the vow. (updated)

Little Update … I passed my test with flying colors, ok maybe not flying colors but I was below the number I was shooting for.  So whoo-hoo for me! 

You all know that I made a vow not to complain during this pregnancy right? Well, I am not going to complain as much as just tell you that the glucose test is not very tasty. The point of the test is to see if you are at risk for, or have developed gestational diabetes … everyone has to do it, I wasn’t a special case by any means.

The drill is that you eat a high protein breakfast consuming no sugars … basically nothing that tastes good.  Sadly I had to “forgo” my cookies for breakfast this morning. Whoever thought that participating in a cookie exchange when you are 6 + months pregnant was a good idea, obviously wasn’t thinking too clearly.  

So anyway, I had my eggs and peanuts. Yep, that was the protein in my house this morning. I typically have the eggs but not without yummy toast. There is something about “just eggs” that seems wrong. But I did it and only complained in my head … oh wait, … don’t ask Loren that because he “may” have heard an utter of something that sounded like a complaint referring to the lack of toast.

I made it to the appointment … early! … apparently it can happen, and I was presented with my breakfast chaser for the morning. 12 ounces of what looks like refreshing water. Let me tell you ladies and gentleman … refreshing water it is not. I had to drink it in 3 segments … 4 oz. each time. I think that I would have done better with one big old glass. The first 4 oz. is actually quite tolerable and I even made a comment about how it was pretty good .. sortof tasted like super sweet flat Sprite. The second 4 oz. was less tolerable and I was less confident in my “oh it isn’t so bad!” thoughts and words and sadly, by that last 4 oz. I was way past tolerable and darn close to complaining but I recovered and decided to just be really glad that it was the end of the bottle.  The “drink” needs to be consumed in 2 minutes. I did it and I am here to tell you about it so obviously it isn’t too bad.  However, it was a good thing that they don’t tempt you with a big old glass of water afterwards because I would have failed that test … but that little sink and faucet in the room holding fresh water never looked so refreshing.   Can you just imagine pregnant ladies all over the place trying to get under the faucet for a drink.  Ha.  That is a funny thought.  Someone must have thought that it was possible since I wasn’t left alone to take the chance at getting under that little spiget for a swig or 10 of water.  

Taking the drink reminded me of taking cough syrup … you know that horrible stuff, like Robitussin or if you were raised with a K-mart then K-tussin … but the same nasty tasting stuff.  All I ever wanted was a drink of water after that.  I can’t help but whine after taking cough syrup … it is pretty pathetic actually.  I like to say that the funniest thing to see is my Dad run from a bumble bee … but I have a feeling that seeing me take some cough syrup has gotta have some humor for the one observing the process as well.  

OK so back to the doctor … sorry for that little trip down memory lane. 

I went through the rest of my appointment with no more mention of what I was just asked to drink, like it didn’t matter that the taste was lingering in my mouth as we chatted about pre-term labor and movements, and this and that.

Baby’s heart rate was checked and much lower today at only 124.  It was a sleeping baby we figure since 4 weeks ago it was 166. I think it is just the baby’s way of keeping us guessing on boy or girl.  Smart little baby.

Everything “checked” out good … I wasn’t aware that I would be “checked” today, if you know what I mean … but I know that I just need to get used to it, from now on I will just expect it and will be pleasantly surprised if I get to stay fully clothed.

Exactly one hour following my little sweet drink I had my blood drawn. The timer went off and I was ready to give some of the red stuff.  They also check my hemoglobin I guess so there were 2 small vials.  The tech was great … though I always have to try so hard to get them to chat with me.  She was pretty easy to crack though and I got a laugh at the end, but it didn’t happen without some effort.

So there you go. If I don’t pass this test, the next one is even worse … something about 3 hours and then I quit listening after that. What I don’t know won’t hurt me. If I fail, I fail and then I will find out what awaits next. If I have to do the three hour test and endure what I can only assume is more super sweet flat sprite I might have to break that “no complaining” vow. I don’t know that I technically broke it yet, though there are certainly some cracks in it now.



  1. I hope everything turns out well! I have never had to do this test, but I have heard many stories from my friends that have children. The “stuff” made some of them sick to their stomach. It looks like I have a lot to look forward to when I have kids. Oh, bummer about not getting to have cookies for breakfast. There is always tomorrow!:)

  2. I forgot the glucose tolerance test was today! How fun. And how humorous you made it. :)

    I remember how you ‘loved’ the Robitussin…very dramatic girl and I always had to have water on hand. As for dad and bees…..I can only smile and keep my mouth shut!

    I hope your test shows no gestational diabetes so you can finish up the cookies so you don’t bring any here on Christmas! Though mine might be gone by then too……….:)

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you got good results! :)

  4. I always decline that test, but I hear it’s not very fun. So glad that it went well for you.

    Oh, and I think baby would enjoy a cookie or two.

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