Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 16, 2008

The Great Christmas Letter Debate of 2008

It’s Christmas … or pretty darn close anyway. I have to admit that I am in denial about the whole thing. I feel like I have lots of time left to prepare and even though I sort of remember that I actually have very little time left to prepare I can’t seem to remember it often enough.

Last night though I realized that Christmas Cards should be heading to the top of the “DO RIGHT NOW!” list of things to do. The cards on my wall from family and friends are looking pretty great and I would like people to get one from us before the season is over.  So last night I mentioned it to Loren who agreed that yep it would be a good idea to get cracking on them. Then he did it, he actually mentioned what I feared most … he said “what about a Christmas letter this year?”. And I swear that my eyes rolled so far back in my head that I wondered if they would come back around.

See, I wasn’t raised in a “Christmas Letter” giving and receiving family. I can’t help it, we just didn’t do it and so I don’t see the great importance behind them. I don’t mind receiving them and reading them, but it has never been something that I felt like I had to do.  Even though I don’t mind receiving the letters, I can’t promise that I haven’t mocked one or two (but who honestly hasn’t?) every once in awhile.  

I just don’t really want to send one is all.  They just seem so “typical” to me and are all so painfully the same.  The only real variety is what order we get to read about the family members.  Sometimes they start at the top down and sometimes the babies are first.  Sigh … it just seems a bit too superficial.

Don’t be offended, I know that lots of people love to write them and send them … I am just not that person.  I think it is great that others like to do them, how boring would life be if we all loved the same things?  So please don’t unseal my Christmas card that you just put a Christmas letter in and take it out.  Or make a note for next year not to send me one.  I am more then happy to read them, it will just be a rare ocassion for you to receive one from me is all.

So the issue here is that Loren LOVES Christmas letters. Of course he does.  But, he was raised in a Christmas Letter sending and receiving family so it makes sence that he would want to send one.  It seems logical to me that since he loves them and I tolerate them, he should just write ours … who can disagree with that logic?   Turns out that Loren can.  Ha.  See, it takes him forever to write anything … blame his perfectionism and honestly I don’t know if I could bear to wait out the process.  I am not too excited about writing it though and then waiting out the process of the critiquing. 

So where does that leave us?  Well, it leaves us in the middle of a little debate.  Who will win?  It’s hard to tell really.   I thought that it made sense to just send everyone this blog address … how much more of an update on our lives can you get?  … surprisingly that didn’t seem to equal the joy of getting a Christmas letter in the mail.   I have come up with a couple of “alternatives” to the boring traditional Christmas letters that I don’t care for, but one that would still technically fill people in on a few end of the year highlights and we are still in the process of deciding on a compromise.

But tell me … honeslty, …  Do you love getting the Christmas Letter?   I gotta know.  It might just help settle the great debate of 2008.



  1. I usually trade Christmas cards with people that I don’t see often so I love to get a letter to hear all there news. I am disappointed when I get a card that says just “Sue and Sam”I write a short letter for my cards to let people know what we have been doing. My son is military and most of our friends want to know where he is and how he is. It is a real blessing this year to say he is not in a war zone and I thank God that I can send a letter to tell friends this.

  2. I wonder where you learned to mock Christmas letters??? Couldn’t be me! OK, I’m know I’m guilty of disrespect because the lives were so darn PERFECT, and the kids excelled in everything and it seemed like bragging to me.

    I have always thought it would be so fun to write one that tells it like it is. Like: ” My daycare children have been fighting tooth and nail over toys, wailing and gnashing their teeth, yelling and running over each other because they haven’t been OUTSIDE for so long, making me crazy while I try to make some gifts this year (what the heck was I thinking??!) Gifts that require knitting, purling, slipping the slipped stitch over, and keeping count of increases and decreases. I have probably made some funny looking items already. More to come, too. I’m on a roll now.”
    Anyway, the lovely Christmas thoughts have been few and far between this week. Sorry, Jesus. :) I DO know what it’s all about, after all.

    Back to the newsletters. They just sometimes seem very clinical and newspaperish as they try to sum up a year on a page with people you know and love, people you rarely see but want to inform, and others who may be more casual acquaintances. So I always opted for the short note in cards to those I haven’t seen for awhile, lots of stamps and writer’s cramp for a couple of days. Because I have such a large family I usually started the day after Thanksgiving. In red ink, of course.

    Loren should write it since he likes them, and you should do what you like to do and do best. He can send his to his family and you can send yours to yours. That’s my best advice. I know it won’t work! Good luck on the compromise if you find one before it’s January and a moot point. :)

  3. I am not into the Christmas letter thing either. I like to read the ones I get, but I don’t know that I would miss them if I didn’t get them. And I never send them. I figure either we know each other and keep in touch, or we don’t. Christmas is not about us & our lives.

    I like pictures, too, but they also aren’t necessary. I enjoy looking at them, but wouldn’t miss them.

    My one requirement is that the cards make some reference to Christmas, or the meaning of Christmas in some way. A card that says only Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings is a disappointment to me. Sorry.

    When I send cards, they are always religious Christmas cards, sometimes with pictures. I just sign “Brent & Diane & kids” if the people know us well and can keep track of how many kids we have. If I think they might be wondering, “Do they have five kids now, or six?” I sign all the kids’ names so they can count.

    So there, that seems more like .04 than .02, but there you have it.

  4. i LOVE Christmas letters–not to write them necessarily, but to read them. i really like to find out what is going on with people that i don’t hear from much. I have been reading letters from friends of my parents, (whom i have never met) and feel like i know their kids! i love to see picutres as well though….
    however, as far as your life goes, if i keep up with the blog, i seem to do pretty good. so there might not be a lot to say in a letter.

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