Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 19, 2008

Two are better than one … mostly.

Oddly enough I just got in the house from doing chores.  Yeah I know, I was shocked as well.  But Farmer Neal pulled his back last night hauling a big old heavy water troft to get the ice out.  He was in pretty rough shape this morning and after a full day of working he was in even worse shape if that was possible.  His back would not straighten and he was hunched over like a crooked old man.  The fact that he came home and said “I gotta call the chiropractor” was something.  I recalled that almost 2 years ago I had to force him to go when his neck was out shortly after our wedding.  It was obvious that he was in pain tonight and thankfully was able to get in right away with the chiropractor.

We really love chiropractors around here.  So much so that we both went to them this week.  We see different ones and in different cities even, but I don’t know what we would do without them.  On Monday I went in to get adjusted because my upper back was out.  Sometime on Friday of last week I did something to it and suffered through the weekend thinking that it just might get better, but by Monday I was a wreck and had no choice but to go in.  It took a few days but I am feeling pretty good and I am so thankful.  There is little that is worse than a back that is not aligned.

Tonight when Loren was talking about getting chores done as he is struggling to get out of the chair I knew that I had to help.  I knew that doing them alone would be a stretch … especially in my delicate pregnant condition.  Ha.  That phrase just makes me laugh … I don’t know that I have ever been considered delicate, especially during this pregnancy.  There is really very little that is delicate about an expanding belly, extra gas that has no boundaries and will do what it wants to whenever and wherever it wants to, and oh there are just so many other very “non-delicate” things that goes with this making a baby thing.  So yeah, that delicate thing wasn’t really an issue for this farmgirl, but the expanding belly in addition to a still healing back made the idea of doing chores all alone sound like not the greatest idea, but I could certainly help.

It took a little bit of “I am going to help you and you can’t say no” statements but finally it was agreed upon that I would help.  We figured that two people that are half healthy should make one pretty healthy one, and if nothing else I would at least be good company, or at the very least, just company. 

We started with getting ready and that was a chore in itself.  Getting layered with warm clothing with a sore back is no fun but we were ready to go.  The plan was to do pretty much the bare minimum in the hopes that Loren would be feeling better in the morning.  If he isn’t better then I will have a whole set of other things to work on.  We are banking on a much less sore back though with some good sleep.  

The first thing that we tried to do was to find the back brace for Loren to wear but we didn’t find it … hopefully in the light of day it will turn up.  Next was hauling water.  We are water-less in the barn … have been for weeks and though the project is nearly complete Loren has been hauling buckets of water each day (3 trips with 2 – 5 gallon buckets … 3 times a day actually) from behind the house.  It is quite a ways and a huge pain.  I can’t believe that he doesn’t complain, because it really is justified.  But he doesn’t say a word, just goes about doing what needs to be done.  He is a special guy I tell ya. 

Since we are both not supposed to be working our backs too much we did half pails of water, so only 2.5 gallons in two buckets each and took 3 trips, just enough to get by.  The steers were watered first and I know that I told you they were getting big but man oh man they are big.  Ready to no longer be with us actually, so hopefully that can be arranged before too long.  Then we watered the 2 cows and the babies which are more like toddlers now. 

While Loren got the grain ready to soak for the chickens in the barn I went to the chicken coop to grab the cans of water to bring in for the night to let thaw.  I really don’t like the chicken coop … not at all actually, it pretty much terrifies me.  But I went ahead with a cheerful attitude and prayed that I would not see a mouse.  Well, I did.  Two actually … one live one scampered away from some grain it was feasting on and one dead one right at the door.  Dead or alive, they both freak me out.  I did a little scream and stood there for a few seconds before I could muster enough courage to enter the coop and grab the cans.  It wasn’t pretty but I did it.   Yuck.  I survived, but yuck … I just really don’t like that little coop with those little bitty gray mice.  Gross.

I brought the cans to the house where they would thaw by the front door.  I was carrying two in one hand and had one tucked under my arm.  I was dumb enough to place the two in my hand on the floor and as I bent over I kept the single can safely tucked under my arm and so it tipped with my bent over motion.  Oops.  Huge water all over the floor.  For dumb.  So I had to wipe that up quick and get back out to finish up.  

Next stop was the hay barn where we got a bail of hay for the ladies and babies.  By now Lorens back was done … it was worked way to hard and had little left to give.  I carried the bail around to the calf barn and we were officially done with the animals which involved quite a sense of accomplishment.  Even though it was minimal work by most farmers standards, it took two half healthy people a ton of energy to get the job done. 

Lastly we got in some wood.  We got in two half boxes which should get us through tonight and into the early morning, until Loren can get more in the morning.  I decided that if his back isn’t better tomorrow morning then a lot of our plans are pretty much shot!  Poor guy, I really hope it heals up quickly.  In the past he has healed well and fast.  The wood wasn’t too bad since the loads were light.  There is a huge pile of wood in the middle of the shed that isn’t stacked.  It looks like it would be really easy to just grab it but I learned tonight that most of it is not dry so it won’t burn.  The chore involves walking around the big pile in a small path to get to some that is dry.  Eventually that pile needs to go outside so that we can get to the dry wood which is conveniently stacked neatly behind all the wet stuff and we can’t get to it.  Just another item on the to do list is all. 

So that was our night.  It normally takes Loren about an hour to do those chores each night and he will usually do a few more chicken chores in addition to what we did.  Tonight it took us an hour and a half with two people.  Better than two hours  I suppose.  Thankfully the cattle are fed and watered, the chickens are safely roosting, the house is toasty warm and Farmer Neal is already fast asleep … sounds like a pretty good night to me.



  1. I hope Farmer Neal’s back is healing OK. I loved the pregnancy comments, by the way. :)

    You’re always so punny.

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