Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 20, 2008

The Great Chirstmas Letter Debate of 2008 … Decided

We decided on the great Christmas letter debate. I technically win cause we aren’t doing one. However, that is only because truly the procrastinators won here and we just simply ran out of time. So much so that we aren’t even getting cards out. I just can’t bring myself to send out cards when they will likely arrive on the 26th and that is what it is looking like, especially since nothing will get out until Monday at this point IF, and that is a huge IF, we got to them this weekend.  Chances are slim to none my friends.  So … if you sent us a card, we really appreciate it and we apologize for our lack of Christmas greetings this year. I am sure that some people will be disappointed that we didn’t take the time and spend the money on stamps but oh well, the reality is that we just didn’t do it.  However, a baby announcement will hopefully be sent sometime in March (God willing) and we might just have to make that into a bit of a belated Christmas greeting … you know, with a cute little baby involved… that I believe will be worth the wait.



  1. Oh, well. I barely got mine out this year since my computer crashed and took all my addresses with it. I had to make frantic calls to a couple of organized relatives, and then I went out and bought an address book, like I should have had in the first place. I can’t wait to see that precious baby! I am keeping you in my prayers!

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