Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 26, 2008

Air in the Spare Christmas Adventures

There really is never a dull moment in our lives and Christmas Day proved that statement yet again. It was a busy day. We left for my parents late … that is common place, so not a huge shock. It was a bit of a mad rush to get the last packages wrapped and to get on the road but we did. The roads were ok, but not great and it took us a bit longer then anticipated to arrive. All was well though because even though we were late we weren’t the latest. Of course the latest family includes 4 small children and our little one is still in the womb so we can’t take too much credit for arriving before them. We often wonder how in the world we will get anywhere on time once a baby on the outside world is in the mix of our chaotic “we gotta get going!” moments. At least we will have a more legitimate excuse then.

So anyway, Christmas was great. It is always nice to gather with family and celebrate the birth of Christ and our love for one another. Knowing that Loren had to work early this morning we took off for home shortly after 6:30pm which would get us home by 8pm with our cautious driving in the dark with icy roads and deer that like to visit the highway now and then.

We were getting closer to home and Loren was staying awake for the most part. The motion of the car lulls him to sleep … this isn’t good when he is in the drivers seat but this pregnant lady was tired and the idea of offering to drive barely crossed my mind. The lull of the car has been a bit “off” this past week, with some tire issues. We need to replace the back two and have had to for months … it’s been one of those “when are we going to replace those tires”? conversations that continues to take place but never is resolved.  The wobbling is new though and we haven’t been able to figure it out.  We figured it has to do with a little winter reality situation from about a week and a half ago.

I didn’t share the story yet but last week I got terribly stuck in the snow after a significant snow fall out in front of the office and by terribly stuck I mean that I was stuck for over 10 minutes trying to get myself out. It was bad. I didn’t have to get out and shovel but it was close.  I kept saying “doesn’t anyone see me!” and the snow flew out beneath my back tires as they spun and black exhaust filled the air in my attempt to break free from the white stuff.  Ever since then, the tires have felt a little “wobbly” from time to time. We figured that there was snow stuck somewhere but with the frigid cold weather it wouldn’t be able to melt. We muddled through. I took a trip back home this past Sunday and it was ok, with the exception of a little wobbling when I would go under 30mph. Loren checked out the drivers side tire before we left on Christmas day by jacking the car up and looking closely which we assumed was the problem but it seemed ok and once again we discussed replacing the tires.  On the way home the wobbling was much worse and so it was decide “we are calling tomorrow”. Loren said “this is starting to go beyond my comfort level”. I chuckled because it was amazing how long it took him to get there since I have wanted to replace the tires long before the snow flew.  I attribute that to the fear of being stranded on the road alone … the girl in me you could say.   We checked them often though and so honestly we didn’t anticipate that next part of the story.

So almost home the car sounded sortof “off” and I said “ummm … what is that sound?” and he said “sounds to me like a flat tire”, as we pulled over on the dark and snowy country road. My eyes rolled a bit and my full pregnant bladder sighed quite loudly.

It was confirmed after a quick look that indeed the passengers side tire was flat. The one that we had looked at several times in the past week, but apparenlty the “problem” must have been on the ground each time. Loren said “now we pray that there is air in the spare”. Which I discovered is code for “yep, we got a flat tire.” I said “what can I do?” hoping that it would be to stay in the warm car. I was told “oh you could hold the flashlight, that would help.” I bundled up a bit, we were more then prepared for the cold with extra hats and clothing so it wasn’t too terrible.

This was my first flat tire, and I watched as my hero of a husband saved the day with his car care know how. I felt grateful that he was with me and I wasn’t walking a mile to the farmhouse with the Christmas lights on in the distance.

4 cars passed as we fixed the tire with one stopping. At that point there was an issue with the bad tire coming off. The fellow pulled and pulled, just as Loren had with no luck so he went to his car to see if there was anything that might work. Loren tried again and it came off! We thanked them for stopping and they drove off in the dark cold night and we finished the job. At one point I said “too bad my camera won’t work in this dark, cause this would be nice to document”. Loren said “well, tomorrow morning you can take a picture of this little spare on the car and one of the flat tire.” I wasn’t sure it would be quite as effective but it was a good idea.

After everything was cleaned up Loren went to put the bad tire in the trunk and upon closer inspection said “oh my!, you gotta look at this!”. Apparently the tire was really bad and we wore right through it. Oops. He said “you can’t take a picture of this, nobody should see how bad this is.” He was feeling a little bit like a “bad provider” which of course was silly, cause such is life. It isn’t like we have been putting the situation off on purpose, it is just the way it is and it was ok.

So we chuckled about our life the several miles back to the house and decided that of course we had no choice but to call for new tires. Such is life I guess. We are thankful to be home safe and sound and that indeed there was “air in the spare”.



  1. Oh, my goodness! I have never had a flat, but it is one of my fears, because I would have no idea what to do! It is a good thing Loren was with you. I hope you guys had a blessed Christmas!

  2. I’m so glad that it wasn’t anything worse than a flat. We wouldn’t want someone in your delicate condition to end up in the ditch, or worse. Glad there was air in the spare, too.

  3. You tell a good story. We need to replace a couple of our tires too. How long will it be???
    Bev (not veteran haymaker).. He is watching the news..

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