Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 30, 2008


We got a little snow today. Ok ok, we got a TON of snow today. Somewhere between 12 and 15 inches Loren thinks. To all of those that I said “we got 18 inches!”, I apologize … it really does seem like more then 15 inches. Anyway, I have a bunch of pictures to post and a story about the process of “bucking snow” as it is called around here which simply means “digging out” but I am much too tired to go through that whole process tonight. But I will give you this.


Loren came in from bucking snow after 3 or so hours and was completely frozen. At the time he wasn’t carrying a box of wood in and so if you want the accurate picture that goes with the following exchange just take the box of wood out of his hands. I was across the kitchen making dinner if that helps.

I hear the door open and then hear Loren sing …

“Frosty the snowman … (short pause and then no longer singing) … what’s the rest?”

and I sing, in all my brightness “had a very shiny nose … (short pause and no longer singing) … Oh that isn’t right?, I don’t know how it goes but it is something about him being a snowman I think”.

I think that the baby is stealing all my brain cells or I am just plain old tired and I think that Rudolph and Frosty are the same thing when really … they couldn’t be any farther apart. Sigh. Oh well, I am pretty sure it is time for bed.



  1. Umm…Loren’s eyes look really scary in that picture. Is his skin purple?? Is it warm there or was he really wearing just a jean jacket to buck snow? Now I’m going to go look up the words to “Frosty the Snowman”…. :)

  2. Yeah he looks really scary with that mask. Nope, it was cold … the jean jacket has a wool lining and is actually very toasty warm. Plus the man wears an average of 4-5 sweatshirts a day … he need lots of extra layers, since he doesn’t have any “natural” ones. :)

  3. He reminds me of a halloween mask the boys wore a very long time ago. I know I have a photo of it somewhere!

    I thought he was pretty lightly clothed, too. But then the day it snowed it wasn’t -20 degrees like today. Sounds like it was even colder there! Though, like the 18 inches of snow you may possibly have exaggerated that.

  4. It really was 33 below this morning … I swear it was and it hasn’t gotten above 6 below all day. Loren said it was 33 below even before I checked so I am sure that you can trust him. I still think that we got more then 15 inches of snow but I will admit it might not be 18, the cold though … it really was that cold at 8am.

  5. OK, I stand corrected! It was only -22 here in the balmy central part of the state. :)

    I saw in the newspaper yesterday that we’ve had a record snow that hasn’t been reached in 40 years. We have 34 inches so far, and in l968 it was 29″ and in l969 it was 25″ in December. So since Dan and David were babies we haven’t had this much. That kind of puts it into perspective, huh?!

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