Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 31, 2008

Before the end of the year …

So, before the end of 2008 I thought that I should update a few little tid-bits that may or may not make any difference to you on this new years eve but it will ensure that I conclude a few stories.  I am going from memory here and so I am sure there will be lots of burning questions that won’t get answered, but just ask and I might remember to let you know.

  1. We did get new tires on the car this week.  They were purchased on Monday actually and Loren put them on Tuesday morning before we headed out in the 12+ inches of freshly fallen snow.  I was pretty happy that they were purchased on Monday cause that little donut tire might not have liked that much snow.
  2. Sunday put us at 30 weeks in this pregnancy … 30 weeks!  We are very close to weeks in the single digits and that pretty much freaks these two master procrastinators out.
  3. I have lots of Christmas posts that never made it to print so to speak, they barely made it out of the camera.  Look for a bleated “this WAS our Christmas season” post sometime in 2009.  When in 2009 you might ask?, hmmm …. I don’t know, but I certainly plan on sometime in the next 12 months … you will need to accept that.
  4. Remember when I thought that I would re-organize my office at work?  Sorry about that, apparently I lied and the space looks as awful as it did back in October.  Such is life.
  5. We get lots of questions like “is the laundry done?”, “how about the sewer system?, the well?”  You will recall that last year we had lots of big projects in the works and I was even pretty good at updates.  I would have kept updating if progress had been made.  The laundry is still where it was.  I am really really hoping that the washer makes it permanent move from the scary basement to the bright and sunny laundry room in the next couple of months … the deadline is when the baby comes it needs to be upstairs.  For the record though, this is our 3rd deadline … so, we will wait and see.  The sewer system is as close to done as it can be before spring.  It was a huge project and the only reason it was being updated is because we had to when we transferred the farm title to our names.  The old system technically works fine and we are continuing to use that one until the spring when the last few parts of the process are done and we transfer over.  Thankfully we don’t have anyone beating on the door making sure it is done.  They just want to know that it is in “process”.  Procrastinators LOVE that type of system.  The well is done, mostly.  Loren is working on a new hydrant in the front yard and he still has a little more work to get water back in the barn.  Once that is done, he will not have to haul water from the back yard three times a day.  The snow makes that a pretty tough process, especially since it is so deep now and we can’t get the tractor and loader back there to buck the snow.  Loren thought that he could buy a snowmobile and make some tracks.  I thought we could borrow one!  So anwyay, once the pipes and hydrant are done we can say that the well project is officially done, and that will happen if it warms up enough to un-bury the project.
  6. Remember when I told you that I had 40 butchered chickens in coolers in the snow waiting to get put in the freezer once it made it’s way to the basement?  Yea … they are still in the snow and the double stacked coolers are almost completely buried in snow.  No idea when they will get moved but since it was 33 below zero this morning I am pretty sure that they are cold enough.   The freezer almost made it to the basement a few weeks ago but it didn’t fit … go figure, and so we need to take off the lid and try again … sometime.
  7. Remember when I was going to show you the pictures of the process of the nursery that has been painted, but needed the floor done and the crib set up?  Ummm … look for that in 2009.  Need I say “procrastinators” again?
  8. Yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary … did you see a post on that?, not so much … but I had a great one planned in my head and you might just see a belated one sometime.
  9. I don’t know that I have anything else for you … can that be it?  Huh?, I think it just might be.  I suppose that I could scan through my old posts but well, I should really get to work since I am technically at work and really … I have been wasting too much time as it is.

Have a blessed new year everyone!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by this little place in the world wide web and sharing in our little life on the farm.



  1. Happy New Year! Happy belated anniversary! I just want to let you know that it looks like you caught a burglar stealing your firewood in the last post. Poor frozen Loren!:)

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