Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 1, 2009

A new year.

2009 is here.  And it came without much excitement on this little farm I might add.  We lead some pretty uneventful lives, but that is ok.  Since we did nothing on our anniversary I thought that just maybe new years eve would be different but no, not much to report.  We did play monopoly … exciting stuff huh?  It is a long game but I thought it was fun.  I went bankrupt first.  Loren was so close to losing the majority of the game and so it was a bit shocking when he triumphed and I lost all my assets and my big stacks of money that I had accumulated … but my opponent having 6 hotels that I “always” landed on did the “your poor” trick.  About 11pm Loren went out to do chores and I went to bed shortly there after.   Whoo-hoo!  I told you it wasn’t exciting.  This morning we went to Mass and were home about noon.  Loren wasn’t feeling too well and we wondered if maybe his achy body was the flu coming on and so we took a nap … until 4pm!  Almost 4 hours of sleep was fantastic.  When I was laying there listening to Loren snore since he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, I thought “I don’t really know that I am tired enough to sleep”.  But I awoke 4 hours later and hadn’t moved … apparently I was tired.  Then we had a little dinner and have sat around and discussed some goals for the new year.  With a baby coming in March we have lots to accomplish and lots that will have to change in the spring and summer months, with a newborn.  A little older baby you can strap to your back and still get stuff done but those tiny ones need lots of care and attention.  We haven’t made too many decisions but talking about them is a start.  So there you have it … probably the most boring post I have yet to write, but hey, the number 1 on the side calendar is highlighted.  :)  I was thinking about when I first started this blog it was my goal to post everyday and always have highlighted dates on the calendar … those were the days huh?  And, they were long posts … where did I find the time?  I won’t make any promises as to how many highlighted dates there will be this month but let’s just assume the 1st won’t be the only one. 

Have a blessed new year everyone.


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