Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 2, 2009

I think that they call it “nesting”.

I love to organize. Buying big Rubbermaid tubs has been a favorite purchase of mine for years. I love to have little baskets and containers in my cupboards and shelves and to have a clean space. Organizing at one time was a hobby of mine.

Then, I moved to the farm … with a pack-rat. I could just stop right there and you would have enough info. But seriously, this man I married loves to save everything. And by everything, I pretty much mean everything. We have newspapers from who knows when, little scraps of papers with a note that “I just might need someday” and lots and lots of “stuff”. Mostly, I have been ok with this. This is “our” home after all and I can’t dictate just how it should be. In a nut-shell, Loren likes to fill up spaces and I like to clean them out … that isn’t the best combination. I have done what I can the past two years trying to meld a super organized freak and a super pack-rat’s tendencies and overall we do ok. There are more “stacks” around here then I would prefer but there are some mostly organized spaces as well.

All that has changed however. See, I have been cleaning and organizing up a storm here. I have this uncontrollable need to have my space orderly. I have heard that this can happen with pregnancy but seriously, it is getting a little overboard. I can’t help but think of ways to make a cleaner space.  Everywhere I look I think “how can we utelize this space better?”. 

I don’t know how much Loren loves it because … well, like I mentioned, he is a pack-rat. We all know that I love him, but seriously, a pack-rat is no fun when you are trying to organize and free up some space. It is much easier to do when they aren’t watching. But, since I need the help with “big stuff” he is my helper. And oddly enough, it seems that since I am the one making a baby I somehow have the advantage here and I am going to use it while I can. He has been nothing but completely selfless and helpful. I just say “hey can you move this?” and he says “sure”. He is a sweet heart, that we all know.

I was handing him stuff from a closet in our bedroom that is downstairs and he would take it upstairs to “store”. At one point I said “umm … so that makes me a little nervous that you are just taking this stuff and running upstairs and heading right back down, are you just throwing it wherever?”. The smile on his face was my answer. I said “Really, it is fine because I just really want the main floor clear of clutter and organized since this is where we will be with the baby. I can deal with the upstairs needing some attention this summer before we move bedrooms back up there.” He said “this summer?, oh we are organizing in the next couple weeks!”. How great is that? Maybe my little pack-rat is changing his ways? I know there is a chance it won’t happen but at least we can make that our goal.

My thoughts of Loren changing his pack-rat ways didn’t last long. During all this organizing I decided to do some serious Christmas decoration down sizing as well since it needs to be put away, and well, why not organize and get rid of what we don’t need while we do that. The first few things I asked Loren about he said “oh a baby would love that!”, or “kids sure would love to wind that snowman up and watch him!”. So, I quit asking him. :)

I am being a little more generous with my “ok I will store it awhile longer” moments when really, in this state of mind I wonder who really needs Christmas decorations at all. That can be dangerous thinking since next Christmas I won’t be pregnant (well, ok I suppose that there would be a possibility, but probably unlikely) and having all these crazy aspirations of a Christmas-less Christmas shouldn’t really be happening. Pretty sure that a family needs some Christmas, maybe not 50 little snowman nick-knacks but at least some ornaments for the tree would be nice.

So … I am not too sure how long this “nesting” will last but so far, I am loving it and I have a feeling tomorrow will be a pretty big day of “de-cluttering!” I better rest up!  Plus, I am pretty sure that we will be needing some more Rubbermaid tubs and a “tub run” might just need to happen!



  1. I, too, am married to a pack rat. What I do (and this is a personal decision) is throw things away while he is not around. He never misses it. I totally feel you on the scraps of paper thing. My husband does that, and it drives me crazy. I do save the scraps of paper in an envelope in case they are important.

  2. Yes the nesting is pretty wild! Just don’t go as far as I did- stripping wallpaper off the ceiling in July while 5 months pregnant on a stepladder seems kind of crazy now, but it made perfect sense at the time! LOL
    Enjoy your organized downstairs :)

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