Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 12, 2009

The great truck swap.


We just finished up with the great truck swap. I suppose that you had no idea that the great truck swap was today did you?  Yeah, I didn’t either actually.  Since you weren’t here I thought that I would do a little re-cap since it was so very exciting. 

First of all, you should know that we have two trucks … one old one and one older one. The older one has been hiding in one of the garages and not running for the past couple of years.  The newer old truck has been not hiding in the front yard not running for the past several months.   I feared that the newer old truck was going to be a permanent lawn ornament that I never wanted.  But today, we switched the older old truck with the newer old truck so that Loren can start to take apart the one that “should” be fixable.  

The older old truck is technically still hiding since it still doesn’t work but he is now hiding outside, hiding behind a shed.  It was the only place that I would agree to have it stay if it were outside.  I am a little particular about having a car/truck graveyard.  So particular that they aren’t allowed.  Unfortunately, the only way that we can fix the other old truck is to get it in the garage that has a wood stove so that Loren can work on it which meant that the older old truck had to move out.

The process of the swap went pretty smoothly. I had some important jobs and I did things that once again I never could imagine that I would.  The first matter of business was to move the older old truck … let’s call him “Little Red” since he is red and little.  I am clever and witty, I know.  So Little Red was in the garage and all taken apart.  See, the reason that we have two old trucks in the first place is because we are using the older old truck known as Little Red as replacement parts for Little Blue (I assume that you know why I have chosen that name for him) since they are almost the same year and have mostly the same parts.

Our last big truck project was when Loren replaced the brakes in Little Blue using some of Little Reds parts.  Parts that I would love to tell you the names of but seriously, I have no idea at all.  After a little time and effort this afternoon, Little Red was ready for his big move out of his cozy and dusty corner of the garage.  Last time I saw him he was full of “junk” on his hood which apparently makes a great shelf to store “junk” while in the garage and he had no tires.  But he was ready now.

The “plan” since Little Red doesn’t run, was to pull him out with the tractor and pull him up the yard to his new hiding spot.  My job here was to steer.  I was pretty good at steering even. We made it up the yard with no glitches.  Loren took the lead with the tractor.  Once we made it to the “spot” was when my job got a bit more complex.  Granted I had never steered a broken little red truck behind a tractor before, but this new job was even more of a stretch.

Suddenly I found myself behind the wheel of the tractor.  For the record, getting up on that tractor isn’t the easiest thing to do in my delicate condition, but I managed.  So my job … was to push the truck into it’s spot.  There was dusty Little Red, then Loren holding a 2×4 and me, behind the wheel on the tractor.  Interesting huh?  After having a little refresher on which gear is which … I always mix it up and since my husband was between the tractor and the truck I figured I better know which gear wouldn’t harm him., I started my job.   I slowly moved forward, the piece of wood hit the truck and we slowly maneuvered Little Red in behind the shed.  Mission accomplished.

Next job was to move Little Blue.   After a short “warm-up” in the house while Loren did a couple prep items I was out again and this time back in a truck.  This time Little Blue.  I don’t know that I have ever shared our pretty Little Blue’s picture with you.  Probably because I don’t have one, but I always think that I should take one.  So, for a visual … Little Blue is dark blue, terribly rusty and has light blue flames painted on the front hood and down each side … he’s a looker I tell ya!  It is hideous really, but when it is running it runs well, and one of the many things I have learned from Loren is that you can drive and own an ugly little blue truck and life goes on.

So, again this time around Loren was on the tractor and was going to pull Little Blue out of the spot in the front yard and my job again, was to steer. This time I had a tree to avoid, a huge pile of snow, and a power line.  I was also going backwards this time which was a bit different.  Together, we managed to pull Little Blue out and up the small hill.  Next, Loren pushed him down the hill, jumping in and steering towards to the garage. Then we had a little repeat of the pushing the truck in with the 2×4 the rest of the way into Little Blues new home.  We had a little glitch this time since I didn’t quite understand all of the fancy hand signals I was getting from the man with the 2×4 but nobody got hurt and Little Blue is safe and sound and ready to be taken apart and fixed up.

Exciting stuff around here today huh?  Now I am off to cook some food for dinner and I have no idea what to make, though I have decided that banana bread sounds yummy and that is in the works.  Too bad that won’t pass for the main dish. 

Oh I almost forgot to mention a couple more things about the great truck swap.  First of all, it is “freezing” out there.  Not too sure how cold but it is so cold that it is better not to know the exact temp.  Also, the metal tractor seat on a cold winter day? … let’s just say … Burrr!



  1. Well, I for one feel bad for Little Red. At one point and time, Little Red was brand spankin’ new and had his whole life ahead of him. Now look at him… scrapped for parts. This is a sad story. :(

  2. The part about getting onto the tractor made me laugh. I once had to be lifted–by two men–into a very high truck because I was bundled to go ice fishing and very pregnant. I literally could not do it. So I’m trying to picture you getting on that tractor.

  3. I think next time, just because I am an over protective big brother, you might suggest Loren call a friend over to do work like that.

    I know things are different on the farm, but asking an at risk pregnant woman to climb up on a tractor in sub zero weather to move a truck when help is a phone call away is just, well, is just scary for a big brother to hear.

    Glad it all worked out for everything but your rear end. :)

    • David, Trust me when I say that I was in no harm helping out moving trucks. If I were, Loren would be the very first one to not have me help. I can handle a trip or two up on the tractor and even though the cold seat was a bit chilly, it warmed up fast. Thanks for your concern though. :)

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