Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 26, 2009

Baby Evelyn Update

Hello. Sorry for the far and few between updates here. All I can say is that life in the NICU is interesting … and even though I am mostly bored, I am also very busy … it’s a strange world up here.

So anyway, Evelyn is still doing great. She weighed in last night at 4 pounds 6.7 ounces. Less then a week ago she was all the way down to 3 pounds 13oz. so she has come along way. Her feedings are going well and we are trying to nurse at each 3 hour feeding today to see how she does. The last few days we have been nursing every other feeding and using the feeding tube on the others, which gives her a little break. She needs to be able to nurse or be bottle fed 100% in order to be discharged so we are testing it out today. So far so good.

Presently she is sitting in her carseat and being “tested” to see how she will do on the trip home which will hopefully be soon. She is so tiny in it and if only I had a camera and access to upload it for you, but as you know, I just don’t. But, we will get a picture of her in it before we leave and show you later. She seems to be sleeping through most of the test, well, until I went in and started talking … then she started to whine and tell me how horrible it was. She has quite the personality. So I left and let her sleep … sleeping is better then whining right now since it saves her energy. She will have plenty of time to whine when she is bigger.

So out of her three criterias to meet before her big break out of the NICU she is down to just one … the feeding is the big one. She is gaining weight and has been regulating her own temp for quite some time. She made it out of her heated isolette a few days a go. She is a trooper and is amazing lots of people around here. I have a feeling she will be free from cords and monitors and home on the little farm in a matter of days. I will keep you posted. :)


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