Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 10, 2009

A few shots from Evelyn’s photoshoot

Hello everyone.  Thanks for your patience with posts.  I don’t know when I will get back to posts with words and not posts with baby pictures but for now the pictures are it. 

Evelyn had her first official photo shoot last week on Thursday and did a great job.  Here are a few of my favorites.   There were so many taken and this is a tiny sampling.


I just love this one … it is currently the background on our computer. 


We were a little worried that she wouldn’t fit in the Moses basket for very long after she was born … guess we can put that fear to rest. 


I love this one … she has this look a lot … it’s as if she is saying “why am I out in this world already?”  … I remind her that she is the one that wanted to come out early, not me.  :) 


What can you say about his one except … “how cute!”


Sweet sleeping baby.


We are hoping for a thumb-sucker but so far, this is rare.

The little baby is still little … another weigh in today and she is still 4 pounds 9 oz.  the same as last week.  At least she isn’t losing weight, but some gaining would make this new mom a little bit happier.  We are going to have to be more aggresive with trying to wake her up to eat for a few weeks  … as per our nurses orders.  She is just so stinkin’ cute when she sleeps though and so I hate to disturb her too much.  :)   But the girl has gotta eat to gain and she needs to gain so trying to get her awake more often to eat is the plan.   Otherwise all is well, she is cute as a bug and we like her lots. 



  1. Those are absolutely adorable. Cute enough to bring teas to my eyes. I especially love the sleeping b & w one.

  2. Evelyn is incredibly adorable! I would just love to get my hands on her!
    I would have a hard time picking a favorite…they are all priceless…just like her! What a treasure!
    Thanks for sharing so often.

  3. What a precious little thing! Thanks for sharing the pictures, would love to see more. :)

  4. Dear Stephanie,

    Please forgive me for being the WORST BLOG FRIEND EVER!!!! I’ve been so out of it (paying attention to my own “baby,” the novel I’m writing) that I missed seeing that your precious little one had arrived.

    Congratulations! She is a beautiful, beautiful girl. I’m so glad she is home now and doing well. You and Loren must be just busting with pride!

    So happy for you both…..

    Take care, and keep posting lots o’ pictures. :-)


  5. Stephanie!

    She is so precious!!! What a beauty! We are waking Sophia up as well to eat….it is hard, especially at night…I mean she would sleep through the night if we let her and wouldn’t that be nice:) But we were told every two hours during the day and every 3 at night…so that is what we are doing!
    We just like to cuddle with our little girl and marvel at her!
    We will keep praying for Evelyn and you two as well!!!


  6. Absolutely beautiful!Nothing sweeter than a new baby! :)

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