Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 17, 2009

Tipping the Scales

Today was Evelyn’s big weigh in …


As you may recall, between her 3 and 4 weeks here on this earth and her first week home, she chose not to gain any weight.  We both did some bribing in hopes of some weight gain … I chose to bribe her with chocolate, and Loren chose to bribe with broccoli.  Were not sure who has to pay up when she can eat either item, but someone needs to since she gained 6 oz. last week!  That brings her to 4 pounds 15 oz.

We are pretty excited, and proud of our little hefty baby.  Turns out that Ms. Evelyn is pretty proud of herself as well.




  1. That’s wonderful! She’s so beautiful.

  2. She gets cutier every time I see her!!! Congrats on the “weigh in”

  3. She’s sure “hefty”! ha I’m glad she gained some weight. She looks pretty relaxed on that scale. Made me laugh…she slept through it? Hope I get to see her when I visit in early July!

  4. Thanks for stating the obvious, Jeri! :) I thought the same thing. I saw her on Monday and I could tell she was gaining as her hands were plumper and she had an extra dimple in her cheek. I’m sure she will grow like a weed now that she made it over the hump.

    She sleeps through most things, and will resist waking up for half hour or more even when you pester her, which I did. She is getting more and more aware, though and I suspect within a couple weeks we will see her newborn self emerge. She’s just catching up on her beauty sleep.

  5. Yay, Evelyn!

    Stick with your mom, kiddo. Trust me, you want the chocolate.

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