Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 25, 2009

5 pounds of sugar … and 4 oz.

One of my many nicknames for Baby Evelyn is “sugar”.  Not sure why really but I use all sorts of names for her.  I doubt that she has any idea what her real name is.  Thankfully Loren uses “Evelyn” most often.  However, she is stuck with me most of the time and she never really knows what I might call her.  Her mother honestly has no idea what will come out of her mouth until it opens either.  But “sugar” has stuck for a couple of days now … hence the title of this post. 

See, Little Miss E has gained another whoping 5 ounces … bringing her total weight to 5 pounds 4 oz.  We are happy to see that around here.


She however, doesn’t seem quite so impressed.  She must have been hoping for more.  After all, she is putting a lot of effort into this weight gain. 

Just as a side note … when I asked Loren to take this picture he said “No I can’t take that picture, someone will see it and accuse us of not supporting her neck!”.  I replied … “oh for Pete’s sake, it doesn’t look like she isn’t supported, and she looks really cute”.  Looking at the picture now … I admit, it doesn’t look like our best “we support her head” shot, but I still say she looks cute … cute like a 5 pound 4 oz. bag of sugar.


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