Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 25, 2009

Sleeping Baby Genius

I can’t seem to get enough of “sleeping Evelyn” shots.  I love a sleeping baby … always have, but when the sleeping baby is one that you created, well … it’s a  whole other level of “oh how cute!”. 

We all know that our baby is not only cute, but smart too.  You might say that all new parents think that true but I have proof. 

See, when I take a picture of the cutest sleeping baby ever, she smirks for the camera for the second shot.  Smart huh? … she must  just know in her sleep what she is supposed to do.  We might just have a mini genius on our hands.





I promise that in both cases the “non-smirk” just simply sleeping was taken first. 

Obviously a coincidence … but fun right?



  1. I agree. About the cuteness and about the obvious streak of genius. I can’t believe how she’s changed in 9 days! Her cheeks are so filled out and her hair is longer, too. Must be the chocolate in her milk:)

  2. Looks like Emily will have a run for the most photographed baby of all time. :)

    You should be getting your package via UPS on Tuesday.

    Take a picture for me. ;)

  3. She’s adorable, keep the ‘Evelyn’ pictures coming!

  4. Oh she is just so adorable! What a sweet little girl!

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