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The birth story … part I

I have been meaning to write out the story of how little Miss Evelyn entered this big world and today as I watched an ambulance cruise through the fresh snow in town I was inspired.  The main purpose of writing this little story is for prosperity sake … you do not have to read it, I can’t promise it will be witty or clever … it will likely simply be the story.  I also can’t promise it won’t contain some “ummm … yuck!” statements because honestly, birth is yucky and to tell the story you just have to include them.  I will make them as few and far between as possible.

January 13th started as any other day, I was late for work as usual and was at the office just a few minutes after 9am.  About 9:30am I was sitting at the desk when I suddenly felt an odd lower back pain … a dull one and I remember thinking “oh man I hate back pain”, but figured it was just another little inconvenience of pregnancy.  Being 32 weeks along I had grown accustomed to the minor aches and pains that come along with creating a life.

All morning the pain came and went and there were a few times when I thought that it was certainly not fun, but I didn’t complain too much.  You may recall that I had made a vow to have a “complaint free” pregnancy.  With the loss of our first pregnancy I knew that what was happening in my womb was much too precious to complain about … even if it were technically justified.

Once I got home a few  hours later the back pain remained.  It wasn’t as painful as irritating.  Loren who was on winter lay-off  was busy working on some things on the computer most of the afternoon.  I whined a bit here and there as the back ache seemed never ending.  I couldn’t do anything to alleviate the irritation … it didn’t matter if I sat, stood, laid down, stood on my head, … nothing worked.  It would come and go and I just lived with it.  Like I said, it wasn’t really painful, but an inconvenience.  The dull pain was just irritating enough to not allow me to do anything but try to reposition myself all afternoon.

As the day dragged on however I did get a bit more whiny and finally said to Loren who did an excellent job of ignoring me most of the day … “Seriously, this is going to be a really long 2 months … I don’t know how I will do it”.  That statement didn’t get me any attention so a few minutes later I hit my limit of little attention when I really was irritated and in some pain and I said “Do you even care that I have had an irritating back ache all day that won’t go away!?” and then he said “ummm … yeah I care, what can I do?”.  And my reply in my most whiny voice was “nothing!, of course there is nothing you can do!”.

Sometime in between the irritation of a dull back pain and my whining I got out the pregnancy books.   We have a few that I have been reading off and on … most of them deal with each month so I hadn’t actually finished them yet.  I looked up lower back pain in 3 books and there was little of any info.  The one constant bit of info however was pre-term labor.  I dismissed it since it was ridiculous to consider that we were really in pre-term labor.  I just never thought it was a possibility.  Once I had Loren’s attention I shared with him the info in the books and we both laughed and said “yeah we are so not in pre-term labor!”.  Then we sat there and it was if it hit us both at the same time … “ummm, maybe we are in pre-term labor?”.   This wasn’t a painful backache though so even though we entertained the thought we certainly didn’t think it was true.

As we sat there and chatted and talked about how silly it would be to be in actual labor, Loren shared a story about how one of his college professor’s wife who was pregnant and wasn’t feeling well all day and so she took a bath and her baby came out!  Can you imagine?  The baby lived but had lots of issues as he was born 2-3 months early.  We chatted about what we would do, what you “could” do if that happened and decided it was a good thing that we weren’t in labor.

We talked about this and that as I whined here and there, and we thought about calling the clinic but always decided against it.  At about 8pm, Loren finally said “maybe we should call Midwife Ruth just so that she knows, in case it would mean something … which it likely doesn’t.”

The call was made to our midwife and she said that it could be something and she said …”I want you to take a bath.” … my heart sank and I recalled the story Loren just shared and feared the baby coming out!  I kept the story to myself and calmly said “ok”, but I was freaked out.  I figured that she would simply say “it’s nothing”.  Guess not.  My instructions were to take a bath for 30 minutes and time the backache … when it would come and go.  Then I was to lay down in bed and do the same for another 30 minutes.  I was also told to drink a big glass of water every 10 minutes.  Can I just say that one big glass of water to a pregnant lady is torture … but I had to drink 6 in the next hour.  I thought that my bladder would surely burst.

So in the tub I went armed with a timer and pen and paper … and water.  Loren went out to do chores in the event that we were asked to go to the hospital.  The pains were pretty consistent and seemed to come closer together.  Laying down in bed brought them even closer and the pains moved from my back to my front.  Then I knew something was up.   I called Ruth back and she said “you better come in so we can check you out”.

We still thought that we were having some fluky thing here … be it braxton hicks, or simply back pain and so we left into the bitter cold and snowy night with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a bottle of water.  We left the house a mess, even left the water in the tub.  Assuming we would be home in a couple of hours to take care of everything was the plan.

The next 30 minutes seemed like an eternity as I passed the time watching the glowing clock on the dash and timing my back pains … and wishing that we had a bathroom in the car.  The back pains didn’t get farther apart but closer and my bladder was full, full, full … I still remember it, terribly full.

Arriving at the hospital we parked the car and headed towards the door that wouldn’t open.  Assuming that we needed to use the other entrance we headed around the building.  For the record, it is a big building and it was bitter cold, and that whole “bathroom” issue hadn’t gone away on the drive.  We finally made it inside the hospital through the emergency room door and the nurse said “oh the other door should have worked”.  Oh well, I got a few more minutes of exercise in and my bladder was allowed to stretch just a bit more.

Once at the check-in area we explained our story and the headed us back to a room.  One nurse said to the other “are we admitting her as an out-patient?” and I said “Yes! … we are not staying!”.

In our room I was hooked up to a monitor that recorded the back pain.  The nurse looked at the read out and said “Hmmmm … well, let’s see if we can’t stop these contractions”.  CONTRACTIONS?, I was having contractions? … this was a shock and I looked at Loren and said “we can not have this baby early!”.  His eyes in the headlights look told me that he agreed.

Laying in the hospital bed watching the monitor was how we spent the next half an hour as we waited for Midwife Ruth to arrive.  The nurse who had led our first labor class the week before was there and stopped in on her way home as her shift was just ending.  She is a great lady and I was glad to see her.  I mentioned to Loren on the way to the hospital that she might be there and though he thought the chances were unlikely we hoped she was.  Our second labor class was to be the next day … we had planned on going.

When Ruth arrived she looked at the read outs and said “you are in labor but we should be able to stop it.  You likely have a bladder infection, or a vaginal infection and that is what started it.”  She needed to take some cultures which wasn’t the most pleasant part of the night but was nothing compared to what was to come.  The cultures came before she “checked me” to see where the baby was at and if I was dilated or anything.  Once the cultures were done she did her thing and said “oh baby your head is low … go back up!, go back up! … oh wow! … (short uncomfortable pause) you are fully effaced and dilated to 5.5”.

Dumbfounded I said … “What? … what did you say?” and she repeated herself with my current stats and I looked her in the eye and said “no I am not!, I am not in labor”.  I am sure that inside she was laughing at me since she obviously knew much more then I did but she calmly said “yes you are”.  I looked at Loren who not surprisingly still had that same deer in the headlights look and we didn’t say a word … just stared at each other and spoke volumes without them.

To be continued …



  1. I have been waiting and waiting for this birth story . . . I cannot believe you are making me wait some more !!! I love a birth story.

    Also loved the new pics. Evelyn is so lucky she’ll have all of them when she’s older.

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