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The birth story … part II

Back to the story … I promise that I won’t make it too long and drawn out … it is just a lot of info for me to remember and write out at one time.  This is the last part. 

While we tried to wrap our heads around that fact that we were in labor, Midwife Ruth made a call to the on-call doctor to figure out what to do.  She came back as we were discussing how it is that we were so far along and had no idea.  See, we had just started reading info about labor and how horrible it is and long and agonizing … you know how it all goes and yet here we sat, fully effaced and over half way dilated … we were just in shock.  Midwife Ruth came back then with “the plan”.

The plan was that I was not staying in Long Prairie … just like I told the nurses.  Of course when I told them that I fully intended to head home and get some sleep and continue to grow our little baby.  We were being sent to St. Cloud.  Not having planned to deliver in a big hospital and hoping to have our sweet, calm, experienced midwife and a planned water-birth, heading to St. Cloud was not sounding like a good idea to me.  I begged and pleaded but it didn’t work.  Had I been 34 weeks we could have stayed, but a 32 week delivery was not an option in our safe little hospital. 

Before I knew it I had an IV, been given pills to stop labor and was thrown into what we now know as Evelyn’s birth.  While on yet another trip to the bathroom I came out and was greeted by a gurney and 2 paramedics ready to whisk me away.  I was not prepared for this at all and yet I happily did what I was told and was put in the ambulance … without my husband. 

I don’t know that I will ever forget the “ambulance scene” in my head.  I was in the ambulance and Loren stood in the corner of the cold ER garage … there was a huge “unknown” floating in the air.  It was hard to leave  him there and know that he would be driving alone to St. Cloud.  We were suddenly in the middle of something we were not at all prepared for and we had no choice but to close the ambulance doors and take the ride.

Time now was 1:20 am on Wednesday morning.

I arrived at the hospital just a short 40 minutes later … the trip is 60 + miles.  The icy roads that Loren was encountering on his drive were apparently not an issue for the paramedic behind the wheel of the ambulance.  2 nurses and the other paramedic were with me in the back so it was a tight squeeze.  The nurses filled out paper work and we did some idle chit chat back and forth to pass the time.  We all watched the monitor and checked how the contractions were doing.  There were 3 contractions during the ride which we figured was ok.  I found out later there was a great fear of delivery en route.   

At the hospital we rolled through the ER and I felt like I was on display with every nurses eye following me as I rolled past the desk.  I mentioned to the paramedic that it was sortof creepy how they stared at me and he said “oh, ER’s are terrified when they see a pregnant lady come in on a gurney.  They were breathing a sigh of relief as we passed by and didn’t stop”.  I recalled one of them saying “she is going to 3”, which must have been said to calm their fears.  The 5 of us sqeezed into the elevator and headed to 3rd floor … and then to room 318.   

I was settled into the birthing room after meeting our nurse and saying goodbye to my ambulance riders.  Loren arrived by 3am and we were about to start this thing called labor and delivery. 

We met our doctor who was fantastic!  She was such a great lady.  She was only working until 8:30am but was hoping to deliver us.  We were one of 5 deliveries taking place. 

Another internal exam and we were told that we were now dilated to 8.  When we left our midwife she said “make sure that you tell them you want to keep this baby in as long as possible!, so if they can stop labor tell them that is what you want.”  After being told we were at 8 we tried out our “keep the baby in” speech which failed.  The doctor kindly said … “your at an 8, you are going to deliver this baby tonight”. 

The entire experience was such a sur-real experience.  It was as if this wasn’t happening to us, but we were watching someone else go through this process of delivering a baby at 32 weeks. 

Oddly enough I was never worried about the health of our baby.  I am a huge worrier and yet for some reason I knew it would be ok.  We met a doctor from the NICU who explained what they would do when the baby was born.  She was great as well.  We knew the baby was coming but that was it.  Unsure of the health of the little one on her way out we prepared for the unknown as much as possible.  Our midwife estimated that the baby was 4 pounds and the doctor guessed 4.5 pounds and I thought that those sounded like good numbers.  The Neonatalogist agreed that the bigger the baby the better.  

The next step was to wait … our contractions slowed a bit and the process of moving from 8 to 10 was not a fast one.   We would watch the monitors and check the baby’s heartbeat which always stayed well in the safe range.  I would feel a contraction and say to Loren “check … was that a contraction?”.  They were still not very strong.  

My water was broke sometime between dilating between 8 and 9 … at about 7am.  The doctor came in and said she was going to do it and we chatted a bit, she checked my dilation again and she got up to leave.  I said “when are you going to break my water?” and she said “I just did”.  I tell ya, she was fantastic!  Too bad she had to leave shortly after that and my new delivery doctor came in.  She was not fantastic and was not great and I could write a huge post on her but I won’t.  Just know that I would have much appreciated the other doctor staying with me until we delivered and through delivery. 

Finally dilated to 10 we were ready to start pushing.  Time was now about 8:30am.  I made up for my “easy” labor with a long and painful delivery.  It was discovered that the baby was face up … this wouldn’t do.  I pushed for an hour to turn a face looking up to a face looking down.  This was no easy task.  I then pushed for another hour and a half.  Let me just say that it was terrible, horrible, and more painful that I can even express.  You mom’s that have delivered know what I mean … simply painful. 

This baby of ours wanted to come early but was apparently having second thoughts when push came to shove (pun intended) and wanted to stay in.  I would push and she would come down a bit, and then go back up.  Much of my pushing was unproductive.  We only made one child birth class after all and had no idea what to do.  If  I were telling you about my bad doctor you would know that even after several pleads for help we were not instructed and so we struggled with each push. 

The NICU nurses came in when we were getting closer to delivery only to wait with us for another 45 minutes.   Once they arrived we were a pretty full house with 9 people in the room. 

So I pushed and pushed and screamed and cried and whined and repeated that all several times and finally this little baby came out … at 11:01 pm January 14th, 2009 … a little baby with lots and lots of black hair.   I said “what is it?”.  Apparently it is odd that we didn’t know the sex and they said “ummm …. oh … (looking) … it’s a girl!”. 

A girl … a little girl.  She was breathing and the NICU nurses kept telling me that she was fine and doing great.  They let me hold her for 1.7 seconds and give her a kiss and they took her to the NICU.  Loren followed and I was left with my nurses to get cleaned up before I would make my way down to see our daughter.

So there you have it … how little Evelyn made her entrance.  It was long, but yet quick … difficult, but yet easy …  hard, and yet joyful.



  1. I believe it’s a neonatologist rather than a “neotologist.” A neonatologist is a doctor that specializes in a branch of pediatrics dealing with newborn infants (usually premature). I’m not sure what a “neotologist” is.

  2. I think you should do a post about the “not so great doctor”. Leave names out, of course. (or maybe not?)

    Beautiful story!

  3. Aaaaww, I love a good birth story (that’s any story ending in a baby, in my book). Thank you for sharing with us. Believe me, I can sympathize with the not so great doctor part, too. You surely meet all kinds when you are having babies.

  4. Thanks for sharing the story, Steph, very interesting! A happy ending is always great.
    In my case it was a “not so great” nurse, and she got re-assigned to a different area of the hospital because I wasn’t the first to complain about her. :)

  5. It was good to hear your story! I know it wasn’t what you planned but it seems like the babies decide our stories sometimes. A good doctor and nurses can always make things a little better — we all can related to that :-)

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