Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 30, 2009

Hi Aunt Dood …

So I was informed yesterday that I should at the very least write one sentence here to let eveyone know I am still alive … we are still alive … busy bringing up baby but alive and well. I will work on a “real” post eventually but thought that I would honor my aunt and at least write a sentence since she is one of my last couple “blog checkers” out there.




  1. I check your blog every few days and then just look at those baby pictures and know you are so busy. I would just spend my time holding her and forget I had a house to run. I pretty much did that with my kids and never regreted one minute of it. She sure is a pretty baby and getting nice round rosy cheeks.

  2. I still checkyour blog, also. :)

  3. wecheck too

  4. See, it isn’t only me:)

  5. Count me in for daily checks here!

  6. Thanks for that! I will keep checking everyday!

  7. Checking in on the photos too.
    Looking great. Filling out.
    Cuz June

  8. I never check anymore. Wait, I just checked.

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