Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 2, 2009

Snow Baby

I had this great idea … ok, it wasn’t actually my idea but it was a great idea.   I was chatting with a little old-er lady at church yesterday about our big ol’ April snow storm and she was telling me how one of her daughters took a picture of her grandaughter in a snowbank once.  Well I thought that was terrific and I could see the cute pictures of Miss Evelyn in my head.   Plus, it isn’t everyday that we have lots of snow on April 2nd and since it was Evelyn’s first winter we thought it would be a good idea to document it. 

So, we ventured out to take some shots.   It was a family affair since I wasn’t too sure how well I would do on my own with a squirmy baby in one hand and a camera in the other, and snow … lots and lots of snow.  

Loren was in charge of “placing” the baby in the snow … here was our first attempt. 


It was a big snowbank …


We discovered quickly that our snow baby tends to tip over on uneven snow surfaces.  Who knew? 


We also discovered that all that bright snow meant that baby Evelyn wouldn’t be sharing her beautiful blue eyes with the camera.


We tried another snowbank …


Pretty sure she doesn’t like this whole thing … could have something to do with the fact that she is hungry and needs a diaper change.   She puts up with us pretty well considering we aren’t the brightest parents sometimes.  She might not be smiling but she did manage to give us her Elvis impersonation … gotta love those sweet baby lips. 


Oh ok … now we know for sure she doesn’t like this photo shoot.  I think that she said something about moving  out with Uncle David in Virginia where she hears there isn’t this kind of snow, nor crazy parents who just want a cute picture.  


A little comfort and a promise that we are done …


Not a happy baby and no where near the cute pictures that I had planned, but our snow baby none-the-less. 




  1. You can only say one thing: That kid in the snow is a refrigerated “cool” kid.

  2. You should have dug a little whole and just had her head popping out! Ha!

  3. I bet Evelyn was more concerned about her diaper and empty tummy than the snow. She was probably toasty warm in her little snowsuit. But the light probably bothered her! Even a little sunshine with all that reflective white stuff can be blinding. Very cute photos even if she didn’t enjoy it!! And I loved the commentary, too. You have a witty way with words.

    Cousin Emily would probably love Evelyn as she is so friendly and loving, but I don’t think she would share her daddy! Maybe if she was taking a nap. :)

    Can’t wait for some photos in the flowers this summer.

  4. Emily probably wouldn’t share David too well, even if she was taking a nap (what nap?) but I would take her! She is so adorable! Such cute pictures!

  5. I love the last picture where she looks so pouty and it’s as if she’s asking how you could have possibly done that to her. :)

  6. I love the last photo! What pudgy cheeks–such a doll, that Evelyn.

  7. That was cute.

    Just don’t be surprised if you end up having to visit your grandchildren in South America.


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