Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 9, 2009

colds …

We all have colds … blah.  Incase you are curious … Evelyn doesn’t really like to sleep when she has a cold.  Ok, she will sleep … for an hour and a half at a time.  Nice huh?  Needless to say there are a couple of pretty tired adults around here and oddly enough a pretty well rested baby, how she does it I don’t know.  So anyway, this lack of sleep and runny nose are going to be my excuse for yet another post of just pictures of our cute little one.   These are all from this past week and even though Miss E is a bit under the weather she was very compliant this afternoon when I requested a couple shots of her in her swing.  She still doesn’t look when I tell her … but what can you do … she is cute regardless. 



Incase you wondered … Loren is a fantastic Dad!











  1. She is just so beautiful! Emily has a cold too–I suspect she is teething again. I hope you get some rest!

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