Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 3, 2009

Misc. Pictures

Here are some misc pictures that I never remember to post … some old, some new … in no particular order. :) If you like to see pictures then Enjoy!, if you don’t like to see my pictures then sorry!

Baptism … March 14th.

Fr. Dan loves to use lots of oil during the baptism … she sortof looks like a drowned rat. :) A cute rat though. 


This was taken on March 16th … after my friend Lindsey took the following shots of Evelyn in her Baptism Gown.   I just thought that she looked cute in just her diaper and paci … I say that a lot huh? 





Big Girl Crib


This is an old, old one.  Evelyn was only a few weeks old but I don’t think that I ever showed it to you?  A tiny baby & a smitten Daddy.



Another one from the “baptism gown” photoshoot … she was way tired.


My sister picked up this cute sweater at a second hand store and wanted a picture of Evelyn with it on.  The hat was way too small and she wasn’t quite in the mood for pictures outside this day.  There is another “real photo shoot” scheduled for next week so hopefully we can get a few shots of her in this sweater … but I won’t be able to squeeze that hat on her again.  Ha.


Another one from the baptism shoot when she was “done”.   I think it is sweet.


Evelyn with her Great Great Aunt Ruth


I just love this one … she makes it appear that drinking that bottle is really hard work … have I mentioned that she is a “bit” dramatic?




I will leave you with this one and the following … they make me laugh out loud because, well … they are just so funny.  





  1. Oh my goodness, she is so cute! Elena looks so old compared to her, it makes me want another one. You really have to quit posting such cute pictures ;-)

  2. She looks adorable in the dress!

  3. How beautiful….even the funny-looking shots. I have one of Daniel with crossed eyes and it’s one of my favorites now. They outgrow that before too long.

    My favorite is the one when she was on dad’s lap, with all the ‘hair balm’ :)

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