Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 20, 2009

Christmas Wreath Update …

I lost all my pictures when my laptop suddenly died the other day … I am certain that it had nothing to do with the fact that I hit it ever so lightly when it froze up for the 100th time. Not surprisingly, when I attempted to re-boot, it said “sorry Charlie … treat me like that and I am done”.

Still waiting to get it fixed so I will have to share my short little Christmas wreath update with you sans the pathetic picture of the dying wreath. I shared it with you awhile back and let you know that I was ashamed to admit she was still hanging at the front door in all her Christmas glory, even though it was late April.

Well yesterday the wind blew her off the side of the house. I suppose it was her way of saying “for Pete’s sake lady!, get me out of the heat, it is May!” She has been face down on the step ever since.

And so … I am planning on throwing her in the garage eventually, probably tomorrow. I think that Loren must have passed her on the step at least a dozen times without moving her to a better resting place. We are likely not worthy of a wreath huh? What kind of people do that anyway?

Oh well … there are worse things I suppose that we could do and at least we pick Miss E. up when she asks. That counts for something right?


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