Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 25, 2009

Can a new mom still be a farm girl?


Memorial weekend is always a big work weekend here at the farm.  While I was used to taking it easy over the weekend, and often having a little bbq with the family, Farmer Neal has always worked extra hard on this weekend and his extra day off. 

And so now that I am at the farm … not surprisingly, we still work.  As much as I would love to go to a bbq where people make great food and you get to relax and visit, there are just too many spring projects around these acres. 

So on Saturday while farmer Neal was in the garden fighting with the tiller and the rocks, I was doing my own “little project” out the back door in ear shot of our sleeping little baby farm girl. 


What did I do?  Well, it involved plenty of the above.  That my friends is hay … a lot of hay.  Hay that was needed to protect the sewer system in our cold climate in the winter and hay that now needs to be picked up in the warmth of summer.  It’s one of those projects that looms … one that takes more time than we have and one that honestly isn’t all that fun.  This is where the farm girl comes in.  Now I may be new at this farm girl thing with only 2.5 years under my belt, but it was a project I could tackle.  


And tackle I did … or should I say “hay forked” it.  Fork full by fork full I loaded the wagon … two wagons to be exact.  Once my first load was as high as I could go, Farmer Neal drove the tractor and wagon to the garden area and unloaded it.  Eventually it will become compost.  


With an empty wagon, I filled it again.   


It should be pretty obvious but I am here to tell you that it was a lot of work.  Shocking huh?  And sadly, we are still oh so very far from being done.  But, at least we are closer to done then we were.  



The nice thing about a project like this is that even though it is hard and time consuming, you accomplish something big, something that you can look at and say “wow, that was hard but look what I did!”.  I haven’t been able to say that for quite some time, well … with the exception of that whole “giving birth” chore that happened in January.   But on a farm girl level, it’s been awhile and it felt good … even the aches and pains that followed into today weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be. 

In addition to the sense of accomplishment, there were some “nature perks” with the project as well.  It was a beautiful clear day and every once in awhile the wind would blow the light sent of these little beauties …


Overall I gotta say that I was proud of my stacks of hay, thankful for my surroundings and thankful for our baby farm girl who spend most of the afternoon sound asleep allowing me to be outside in the first place.   


So to answer my question … yes, it turns out that a new mom can still be a farm girl … it just takes a little help from the farm boy and from the baby farm girl.



  1. Beautiful post, Steph. I love spring! We spent the past two days working off and on in our little yard. The beauty of the farm is so evident in your photos, as well your ‘sleeping beauty’ Evelyn.

    Today, if we bbq at all, since it’s 57 degrees and cloudy with occasional showers, I think we’ll eat indoor! But a lot can change by this afternoon.

    That was a lot of hay to fork into that wagon!! Good work. :)

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