Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 25, 2009

Happy as a lark …

Since Loren was off work today for Memorial Day he got up with our baby farm girl this morning and gave me another hour of sleep.  He is good like that.  When I finally emerged from the oh so comfy bed I heard Evelyn talking and cooing and makeing all sorts of her cute baby noises.  I asked Loren the most obvious question I could have come up with and said “oh, is the baby awake?”.  He said “yep … wide awake and happy as a lark”.   A few minutes later I went to say good morning and found this …


Apparently Daddy thought that she needed some friends.  One was a ball, but I guess that a ball can be a friend in the land of baby-ness. 

You might wonder how Evelyn liked her new rather pink-ish audience?  …


Yep, turns out that she was certainly pleased with them … so much so that she didn’t even notice me there.  I would say that she was pretty much happy as a lark, thanks to her thoughtful Daddy.


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