Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 26, 2009

While we wait …

While we wait for our shots to come back from a “real” photo shoot last week, these few will have to do.  Miss E. just looked so cute at the office today and since I happened to have my camera, I propped her up in her bassinet, tossed a pink blanket behind her and snapped a few.  She was tired, which you can see by her red little eyes, but awake enough to be cute as a bug. 




No big smiles, but big smiles aren’t necessary to see her beauty.  We are so blessed and so thankful to God above for the gift of this healthy little girl.



  1. That little girl sure looks like her Daddy, I am sure she will be a Daddys girl just like most of us seem to be. Beautifullllllllll.

  2. It’s so funny! I was going to say she looks like you! Nevertheless, she is a cutie and a beautiful blessing! I love seeing the pictures!

  3. And I was thinking she looked like your Aunt Jeri! Or Luke. Whoever she looks like, she’s certainly wonderful.

  4. Heck, she looks like Evelena

  5. Mary, I was thinking she looked like me, too! But then…I look like you so she’d look like you…
    Regardless, she’s a cutie!

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