Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 31, 2009

Random Toughts …

I know that I am not the best at my “blogging consistency” but don’t think for a minute that it isn’t always in the back of my mind. It says “you should blog something”, “How long has it been since you have posted something?”, “Mom is waiting for something new on here” … and similar things all of the time. I won’t make any excuses though I could come up with plenty. :)

So tonight, since I am awake enough to post something, but I have to re-size some pictures to go with some posts rolling around in my head, I will just give you some “random thoughts” and tidbits of info that you may or may not care to read but this is what we get tonight folks … my thoughts. Scary thought huh?

Where to begin?? … we’ll just start and see where we end.

* I am waiting for Loren to come in from chores. They seem to be taking a very long time.

* Evelyn is sleeping in her crib … in the livingroom which is where she has always stayed since we brought her home 4 months ago … the livingroom is now more of a multi-purpose room with living space, the nursery, a spot for laundry baskets, and even a greenhouse for a while when the plants were in the south windows.

* The plants are now in the garden and our make shift shelves are still up. I asked Loren about taking them down … here is what he said “well, let’s see, the plants should be in the ground today so we won’t need the shelves … they should be taken down in the next couple of months I would guess”.

* We are still procrastinators.

* I have managed to keep my kitchen “mostly clean” for over 2 weeks … this is HUGE people, HUGE!

* We are waiting for Bessie the cow to have a calf … which means that I get to name him/her … still thinking but I might go with “Bella” for a girl. A boy name? … hmmm … haven’t given it too much thought yet but a B name it will be. Ha … that is funny.

* I would consider naming a new calf “Billy” cause I like that name but I used it for our new rooster that we inherited from someone. His name is Billy because he is a bully. I don’t like Billy at all … pretty sure if I were in charge he would be soup.

* I am making split pea soup tomorrow … it is already in the crockpot in the fridge ready to go tomorrow am. Split pea is my favorite soup right now.

* Tomorrow after work I will make crackers. Did you know that we make homemade crackers around here? Yep, no hydrogenated oils reside here and since plenty reside in your typical saltine, we make our own. They are super easy by the way.

* We got a “new to us” lawn mower today. Thanks to Mom & Dad. I love to mow.

* Turns out that me getting outside in the garden is tough with a 4 month old who needs to be in the house … who knew?

* Miss E. is “stiring” in her crib.

* Loren is still not in from chores … oh wait … there is the door.

* Loren is finally in from chores. So much for his 9:30pm bedtime. 10:30pm is pretty close though.

* Loren leaves for work shortly after 5am to get to work by 6am. I think that is a horrible time to leave for work.

* I leave for work at 9:05am to get to work by 9am. I am really bad about leaving on time for work.

* Did I tell you that my laptop died awhile back? I am pretty sure it had little if nothing to do with the fact that I hit it pretty hard when it froze up for the 100th time. I am still a little worried that my computer geek brother won’t be able to resurrect my pictures.

* I don’t back up my pictures, I would recommend that everyone does. I do have some backed up from last time my laptop died but those were all before January 14th when that little bitty baby arrived at the farm.

* Evelyn weighed in at 13 pounds last week. She weighed in at 5 pounds 8 oz. back on March 3rd. She is such a good grower don’t you think?

* I am getting tired.

* We had a bake sale today at church. I made caramel rolls and rice crispy bars.

* I chose to make the rice crispy bars even though Farmer Neal said more then once “I can’t believe that you are bringing rice crispy bars to a BAKE sale” great emphasis on the bake there.

* Farmer Neal makes me laugh … most of the time.

* All of the baked good sold, even the non-baked rice crispy bars.

* The caramel rolls even sold … all 6 plates … wonder how many will notice that I forgot the cinnamon?

* Loren is still up … apparently tonight is the night to browse the vitamin catalog and order.

* I like to hide the vitamin catalogs because Farmer Neal could read it for days … and oddly enough as I wrote that he said “boy this is a thick catalog this time” … he wasn’t complaining I don’t think.

* I made a list of friends and family that are currently pregnant and the list totaled at 9. We are not on the list.

* We started a fire in the wood stove this morning … on May 31st. How sad is that? Of course it wasn’t a big fire and the house just needed to be warmed up a little, but still … May 31st and we started a fire.

* I didn’t really think that this post would be this long.

* Our lilacs are in full bloom … that is one of the things that I took pictures of to show you … that aren’t re-sized yet so I can’t post them.

* We still have dial-up … that will likely never change.

* Evelyn stopped “stiring” in her crib and since a wise neighbor/friend once said “sleep when your baby sleeps” I think that I will heed her advice and head that way.

* I am really glad that a few people still read my blog. Thanks for sticking to the end here. :)



  1. Since I had to check right away to see if you had posted for me, I’ll have to comment:) HOWEVER, if anyone knows how busy your life is and how difficult it would be to add one more thing, it would be me. I never get impatient waiting, truthfully. I just check my favorite blogs every AM before my kids arrive for the day. And again at noon while they are napping. And before I shut down my computer for the night. :) OK, I’m kind of addicted to my blog people. It gets kind of lonely when you’re a daycare provider. Except for those random weeks when everybody you know shows up, emails, or calls! Every 25 weeks.

    Anyway, I loved the post and it was very cute. I think you could take those shelves down yourself and see how long it takes Farmer Neal to notice. Or fill them them knick knacks or piles of clean laundry while they’re there. It would be fun to see what interesting things you could do with them. When I was there yesterday I was only looking at Evelyn I guess because I never even noticed them!

    Enjoy the lawn mowing!

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