Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 1, 2009

On “rolling over” …

Miss E. has been up on her hands in her crib a lot lately …


Here she was talking to her “girls” … I had to take them out of the corner so that she would nap …



Ignore the pile of baby spit … she is still trying to figure out how to suck her thumb and mostly she just drools with half a fist in there.

This same day she almost rolled over …

Going down …


And done.  She is asking her faithful pink bear friends … “now what?” …


I rescued her, took away her bears and once she didn’t see her girls anymore she took a good nap. 

Today however, she really did roll over!  I was standing there when it happened.

Here is her “just rolled over look” …


She still wasn’t too sure what she had done or how to get back over, but it was an actual roll over, her first official one. 

She is growing up … literally, right before my eyes.



  1. Yea for Miss E!

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