Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 3, 2009

A little help …

I have been sorting various boxes of clothes given to us after the birth of Evelyn … that is where we found our plentiful supply of socks in yesterdays post.   It is an interesting process to look through other peoples ideas of cute … and clean.  But anyway, there are way more cute outfits then not cute.  The only bad part about the sorting process is coming across an outfit that is the wrong season and will be the wrong size when the season is here.  Like the one in the following series of pictures.  It is adorable, an off white sweater outfit with a couple little flowers on the leg.  Seriously cute.  My only complaint would be that it has buttons … where snaps should be … buttons … obviously nobody who has had to change a dozen diapers a day designed it.  But still … cute.  So I decided to do a little make shift photo shoot this morning so that Evelyn could wear it and we could remember it.   The shoot went ok … for the most part … you will have to hear it from Evelyn’s perspective though.


“Hi!  :)  I sure am cute huh?

Sitting all big in this black chair?

Wearing a sweater in June!”


“Umm … hey wait … am I moving?”


“Oh I am ok … It  sortof felt like I was really falling!”


“Mom!!!  Hey, I think I am falling here.”


“Oh … I am ok?, well if you say so Mom.”


“If I hold real still I can stay here.”


“Holding still is harder then I thought … here I go again!”


“It’s getting a little bit scary here Mom …

you sure you don’t need to rescue me?”


“Seriously … this isn’t good.  I can’t hold still anymore …”


“Oh man … here I go.

Mom? … Mom? … hey, do I still hear the camera?”


“Mom … a little help here?”


“Thanks Mom for the help.

You don’t think that took a little long to rescue me?”


“But it’s ok … I forgive you …

I know that sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do for a fun post!”



  1. Could she have more expressions?? Very cute. I think you did a great job of labeling each photo too….I bet you weren’t too far off on your interpretations.

    I loved the sock one yesterday, too. She seems to have an ample supply!

  2. That made me laugh! You did a great job keeping up with her slip slidin’ away. :)

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