Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 4, 2009

Another tale from our little life on the farm …

To get rid of this eyesore, handy make-shift shelving system used to grow tomato and pepper plants … plants that have been in the garden for 2 weeks I should add …


I thought that I would need this handsome husband and daddy to get rid of them…


When all I really needed was this guy …


Little work to get the job done and my living room window back.


So simple.  

Of course I did leave the other shelf in the window in the laundry room … because this “shelf take down” involves  some “clean up” …


There was a bit of a mishap awhile back with a tired Farmer Neal bringing the plants in late one night …


before …


after …

Turns out that the end of the board which stuck up a few extra inches really should have been cut off …


just another example of why the new linoleum has yet to be laid here …

If you don’t already know … Farmer Neal is a really positive fella and so instead of being irritated that an entire tray of tomatoes now rested on the floor of the laundry room …


Our great Farmer Neal decided that this was just another great example of how procrastination can work in your favor …


See, the plants needed to be “thinned” and having them all over the floor made this really easy …


And amazingly enough, they all survived, just as well as the other 2 trays that had to be “thinned” in the old traditional way a couple days later with a scissors … how boring huh?  

Thankfully, Farmer Neal thought to take all these pictures for me to use later.  I would have taken them myself had I stayed to help when all this happened.  Yes, I am not proud of it but I heard the crash, left my comfy bed to check on what it was, half way listened and turned around and went back to bed.  Not my best farm wife moment but I was using what little time I had to sleep while the baby was snoozing away. 

So in the end, the shelves served their purpose … plants were grown and plants were thinned and then planted in the earth where they now reside. 

 And there you have another tale from our little life on the farm.


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